“Servant Girl, firm actions brought by male characters caused women to reveal their true nature. Rosa, from Estella Alfonse Servant girl is a very humble lady who Is consciously aware of two men having Interest In her. First is the ocher, whom he calls Angel, Is the man who lived In her fantasies after their encounter and second Is Ashcan, the other guy, Is her admirer who seems to possess the the opposite trait of his ideal guy.

Joyce Carol Dates’ story describes a girl named Connie, who, in her acts, is obviously at the stage of adolescence. She is the type of girl who views only one side of her nature. She would prove her maturity through seeking sexual attention from the opposite sex. Just like Rosa, Connie also made an encounter with a man who gave her a life changing experience within a short span of time. The servant girl who was probably portrayed to happen during the post-war period, raises an issue about hierarchy in the society specifically gender and sexuality.

The story goes with an apparent acceptance of how things are In the society ending without the issue being resolved. Connie also faced a similar predicament. Her story, which Is obviously In a western setting, showcased a variety of thoughts to think about. Portrayed In both story are the needs of a typical woman or a girl In alignment with the given era they live. Basically, the need for attention of men was a basic factor that they both have in common.

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Engulfed in their personalities are the fact hat they are both beautiful, turning every men’s attention to them. Rosa fantasized about the ocher too much after having an encounter with him. Rosa treated the event as lifesaving which might probably the reason behind the name “Angel”. In Sconce’s case, her fantasies involving men turned out to be a nightmare in the form of Arnold Friend who gave him a really rough time proving to herself who she really was. In that manner, woman is portrayed to exhibit their true nature and weakness through the action of men.


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