While coming to the approach the question in mind is that can really the electric cars are the future, can they lead the roads in future and can the automotive companies meet the demand of people. One aspect needs to be clear in the mind of the author that what benefits electric vehicle can supply us and what it could take from us. In starting the author had no idea that each source is trustworthy or not but after the analysing sure wide variety of websites, blogs, articles, and newspaper gives a motivation that the statistics taken exists. The facts are the collection of diverse graphs, figures, numbers, views and belief from the general public. In starting the author looked up for the statistical data from numerous articles and blogs some of the sources have the positive results regarding the future of electric cars supported with the public views and presented with the figures and graphs while one or two sources believe that electric cars shall not lead the future and there is one source that is not able to conclude whether the future of electric car is bright or not. The author also looked up for research regarding the views and beliefs of people and the result is little bit surprising that many people don’t exactly know that what is going to happen in future and some have straightforward idea that it will be going to lead in the future while there are only a few people that say it will not lead the future.Moving ahead with the research the author researched deeply on the future of electric car and their use as a personal transport like what is the results in recent study and surveys and what is the role of the electric car in present and future. The author look at the recent survey by well-known organisations and the result is straightforward goes in one direction and the result is clearly shown there with appropriate figures and facts so this sources can be taken as proper references for the further discussion. 


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