I believe with the idea of looking- glass self constitutes the imagination of how one appears to others and the imagination of the Judgment of that appearance. Who Am l? 4. I am concerned with social change and the plight of women and children in English factories during the early phases of industrialization. I am the first female sociologist. Who Am l? 5. I believed that sociologist could never capture the reality of society but should focus on ideal types that best capture the essential features of aspects of social reality. I also believe in the formalization of knowledge as the “internationalization and centralization” of the world. . I coined the term “survival of the fittest” in reference to human social arrangements based on the idea of Charles Darwin. Who Am l? 7. I am the founder of the functionalist school in sociology; which is concerned with general theoretical system in analyzing the society. Which is the central idea is the vision of society as an organism that each has various parts of the social body and 8. I focused on the social and cultural elements of society, maintaining an evolutionary perspective on microbiology. Who Am l? 9. I reintroduced the theories of European sociologist while teaching at Harvard University.

I put emphasis on the empirical research and not on the social reform. Who am l? 10. I favor on the capitalistic society rather than socialism. I disagree with the ideas of Karl Marx about fair distribution of wealth. Who am l? II. Am I Right or Wrong? Answer RIGHT if the statement is true and WRONG if the statement is false. 1 . The Murmurs Tribe is one society which has preserved its culture hence should be integrated with the mainstream culture. 2. City people are more ethnocentric than rural folks. . “Language is storehouse of culture” merman that it is the primary merman by which people learn and communicate their social world. . Unlike other members of the animal kingdom who act based on biologically programmed instincts, human behavior is completely determined by culture. 5. A symbol not only stands for something else, but also conveys a certain attitude toward what it represents. 6. Culture is dynamic and it keeps on changing 7. Culture changes faster in a complex society 8. Intertribal fighting blood feud, cannibalism, and head hunting are found in horticultural societies. 9. Horticultural societies have more varied, tolerant and heterogeneous culture than post industrial societies 10.

Hunters and gatherers are egalitarian in their treatment of men and women. 11. Post Industrial are more fragile than they appear. 12. Pastoral societies still exist in the modern world particularly in Africa and in the Middle East 13. Pattern of hereditary chieftainship began to appear in the pastoral society. 14. Filipinos during the Pre- Spanish era were called uncivilized 15. Chance is a factor in the evolution of society. 16. Coloratura evolution is the process of change and development in human societies that results from cumulative growth in their stores of cultural information. 7. Continuity and change are needed to understand the process in coloratura evolution 18. Innovation may varies in all society and one of the most important is the amount of information a society already possesses. 19. Cultural extinction happen because of social and cultural innovations, societies are often faced with 20. Filipino culture is more superior to the American culture. Ill. What’s Your Choice? The society has undergone to a series of changes in order to survive in the fast changing environment.

Listed inside the box are the Socio- Cultural Evolution of Societies. Choose which agent is being referred by the statements below. Write only the letter of the correct answer before each number. A. Hunting and Gathering d. Agricultural society b. Pastoral society e. Industrial society c. Horticultural society f. Post- industrial society 1 . It produces technological knowledge – that can be sold, leased or used to produce goods and services. 2. The society where computers, telecommunications, defense systems, genetic engineering and mechanical equipments reign. 3.

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Its actors for existence lies to its unprecedented effectiveness in exploring the natural environment. 4. This society allows a small minority to feed the rest of the people. 5. Its subsistence relies primarily on domesticated herd animals 6. It allows for the establishment of cities 7. Steam engine was invented 8. Americans allow soldiers to marry young boys, and the latter will be given the option to remain committed or look for a wife the time he reached the legal age. 9. It is characterized by relatively simple and equitable way of life. 10. This society opens the world to hereditary chieftainship. . It subsistence strategy relies primarily on the hoe cultivation and domesticated plants. 12. Its environment cannot support a large concentration of people who rely on whatever food they can find. 13. Education and science became crucial institutions. 14. Intertribal fighting and blood feuds are fairly common. 15. Atomic Energy, tend to stimulate changes in the economy and other institutions. 16. Their subsistence strategy is typically based on “slash and burn” technology. 17. It produces technological knowledge. 18. Its huge surplus wealth allowed more material conveniences. 19.

People no longer share similar life experiences and consequently hold many different and completing values and beliefs. 20. Negroes Occidental personifies the characteristics of this society. IV. Can You Complete Me? In months of taking the course AS 101, number of identified cultures that appear outwardly scandalous


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