? & # 8211 ; Black Boy Essay, Research Paper

Who Are the Americans?

( And How are they Supposed to Behave? )

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Richard Wright, writer and chief character of Black Boy wrote about his ongoing battle to calculate out the unanswerable inquiry of why. His inquiries of why stemmed chiefly around why people had to conform and move a certain manner for certain people ( more specifically why black people or Negroes had to run in a certain mode in the presence of Whites ) .

Wright had a ceaseless list of questions about how Negro Americans should or should non be. However, every bit near as he would come to obtaining an reply to his inquiries, the more impossible it seemed to accomplish. He made a statement in his composing about how baffled he felt about his topographic point in this universe, non merely as a Negro, but besides as an American.

On his quest to happen apprehension of where he belonged, Wright suffered a host of tattered & # 8220 ; American & # 8221 ; dreams that revolved around his battle to happen his topographic point. His dreams were those which many Americans today take for granted such as some nutrient on the tabular array and the security of a nice roof over their caputs. Whereas in the universe today, people place their aspirations a few tableland higher, where they now have caviar dreams and sign of the zodiacs phantasies to turn out they have & # 8220 ; large & # 8221 ; dreams.

This is proven when a narrative such as Black Boy is compared to that of the Great Gatsby where Jay Gatsb

Y was a hapless fighting adult male like Richard Wright who alternatively of taking for felicity and piece of head, put his ends much higher in the attempt to accomplish the sign of the zodiac and the caviar. However, unlike Wright, Gatsby had outward motives which were non centered around himself but instead around the adult female he hoped to derive by making this degree of richness.

In many ways, one could state that Gatsby acted in a mode comparable to the manner many would hold expected Wright to hold behaved as an Afro-american whereas he conformed while Wright alternatively invariably questioned and sometimes challenged conformance. Was it right for him to dispute conformance? As an Afro-american, I would state yes, because without person adding a beginning to alter, there would decidedly hold been no terminations to such things as Whites merely marks and segregated schooling. Although these issues are a small off the subject, they are relevant because these are the types of issues that Wright was fighting to understand.

Furthermore, I believe the & # 8220 ; Americans & # 8221 ; are those who have to conform to person or something, and the manner they are supposed to act is to invariably resent conformance. In other words, people strive mundane to go leaders or facilitators, hence doing them the foreman of something where person would so hold to conform to their set of regulations. In a sense, it could be looked at as though people are happiest when person is less happy.



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