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Who Are We The American People?

America has been called a thaw pot a term used to depict a state whose people come from diverse cultural backgrounds. This, so, is true, and along with this cultural diverseness come bias, greed, and legion signifiers of faith. America is a state full of politicians, millionaires, jocks, and underprivileged minorities. It is a state, some say, on the main road to hell, where spiritual values give manner to crave, greed, and power. Even the President of the United States, Bill Clinton, has indulged in such wickednesss! The American people feel they make-up the most powerful state in the universe and have imposed their resources and thoughts where they were non wanted. Overall, Americans are a diverse people, driven by greed, and full of haughtiness, yet still possessing a sense of goodness.

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Most people who live in America are non native ; in fact, less than 1 % of the population is Native American. The bulk of Americans are Caucasic, many of whom are considered WASPs ( White Anglo-Saxon Protestants ) . Although the Italian-born Columbus discovered the New World, the British originally settled America. The British colonists oppressed and massacred the Native Americans ( whom they genuinely thought were Indians ) , claiming the American dirt as their ain. In fact, the Native Americans should hold been respected, for they reaped more from the land than the British colonists could of all time woolgather of reaping on their ain. Soon, African slaves were introduced to assist reap the land and function the rich. Finally, Spanish, Portuguese, Italians, Germans, Norwegians, Asians, and many more ethnicities found their manner to America. The Native Americans were forced off the land and herded onto reserves. Thus is the present set-up foreign peoples migrating to the Americans, suppressing the native peoples, taking control of their land, implementing a Democratic, capitalist society/government, and leting those among them to hunger. A requirement to go president is that the campaigner be American-born ; this does non intend that he/she has to be of Native American decent.

The predominately-white, capitalistic civilization of America is stating citizens to travel frontward on the societal ladder, towards power and money. Yet, the values that Christian philosophy Teachs are 1s saying God s followings must travel backward and be compassionate toward their less-fortunate brethren. His call has largely been disregard so far, and has become progressively lost in this technolog

ical age, where Matthew Lasky is seen saying how he shows 1000s of ways the authorities can give you money to get down a concern on overseas telegram telecasting. Yet, is the authorities giving much needed money to the homeless for plans or shelters to acquire them off the street? No, the homeless are unproductive members of society and, harmonizing to Social Darwinism, non fit plenty to last in America. Athletes are seen subscribing multi-year, hundred-million-dollar contracts to play a game, while there are those that can non even grate together adequate money for dinner. The rich are chesty and greedy, while the hapless are by and large charitable and grateful for what small they have.

A feeling of haughtiness has tarnished America since the minute British colonists arrived. The American people have shown this haughtiness by having slaves and retainers ( declining to reap or plough land themselves ) , affecting themselves in wars where their aid was non requested ( Vietnam comes to mind ) , and by taking their state from the Olympic games ( 1980 Olympic games in Moscow, USSR where legion jocks were robbed of their lone opportunity to compete/win a decoration ) . Yet, when America fails, its people do non desire to be reminded of their failures protestors at Kent University in 1970 were shot by the National Guard, merely because they were openly saying that the war in Vietnam was ineffectual and dearly-won. America is a proud state and does non wish to inquire others for aid. Its leaders like to be asked for aid, whether it be financially, educationally, technologically, or militarily ; it is a affair of pride being able to province that America is still the best. Yet, while Americans are assisting the less fortunate in Somalia, Kosovo, or Bosnia, there are those in their ain state that are non having that sort of attending. Possibly America should accomplish internal pride, peace, and prosperity before seeking to assist others with theirs.

Throughout America s huge history, its people have been ethnically diverse, inherently greedy, and peculiarly chesty. They possess these features because the population is made-up of people from all over the Earth, their capitalistic society tells them to endeavor for money and power, and the bulk populations have persecuted most minorities in which they have come in contact. Yet, Americans do possess a sense of decency they are willing to assist their fellow adult male, have public assistance plans, and are democratic. However, the American people must rectify their utmost hapless qualities before they snowball worse than Calculus can.


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