What is life? Many people think this inquiry is for those childs or primary pupils to reply. Yet. I can state that bulk of university pupils or grownup will non be able to reply this inquiry every bit good. Most of them will merely state the definition of life harmonizing to the Google. Wikipedia and lexicons. No uncertainty. those definitions are perfectly right and enormous. However. do those definitions grant you any apprehension of life? I steadfastly believe there’s none. Life isn’t about happening yourself. life is about making yourself. Why do we travel and bother those definitions which are created by others. Alternatively. we should make our life by our ownself. We create our ain definition of life. It is because different people have different definition of life.

In other manner of stating what I have said in the first paragraph. one should do determination for one’s life. For me. I would do my ain determination in my life. non any others. If you argue that it is possible that others help you to do determination. I will demo you that your life will be a hapless and suffering 1. For case. will you inquire your friends or parents to assist you make up one’s mind whether to travel to toilet or non when it’s needed? I guess the reply is already in your head. My illustration might sound really pathetic and gross outing. but it is absolutely true and it is merely the intent of stressing that one should be responsible to oneself and so. do ain determination.

Although one should do one’s determination for oneself. nevertheless. everything has its exclusion ; make non misconstrue what I have been seeking to state. The exclusion is that some people are non mature adequate to do his or her ain determination. Sometimes. we have to listen to those suggestion. advice and exhortation by the aged and our parents. Yet. make retrieve that there are merely aid and the concluding determinations are made by your ownself.

Many people frequently hesitate to do determination when they are confronting jobs which will impact their hereafter chances significantly. Consequently. they tend to listen to others’ advice and suggestion alternatively of making what they truly desire to. It is because they are fear of being unable to carry through what others wish them to. By making so. it will do them to travel on the incorrect path and destruct their hereafter. It is highly backbreaking when 1 is making something which he or she doesn’t want to be. In theory. it may look really serious. in world. what I have been stating is absolutely true.

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In decision. one should be responsible to him or herself no affair who and where you are. Be the one you wanted to be. non the 1 who others want you to. When others tell you something. you may listen ; yet. make ever retrieve merely take it as an advice. The concluding determination is ever in your manus. Once failed. make non repent and seek harder. one time success. it is all yours.


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