Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook have their differences. But it comes down to who is the better guard? Russell Westbrook is a better scorer than Derrick Rose. better rebounder. average more bargains. and merely level out a better defensive participant. Derrick Rose is a better leader than Russell Westbrook. better clasp participant. and even better at taking over games. Is it me or is the lone thing people care about these yearss are hiting and strenuosity? Russell Westbrook is the better guard because of his ability to make more on the defensive terminal and a better scorer on the violative terminal. My brother Cam “thinks from the twelvemonth of 2010-2011 that Derrick Rose is better because of the manner he has pushed his squad to 60 wins or more. Last season the Chicago Bulls was the figure one seed in the NBA and following behind the Oklahoma Thunder in the 2nd seed. because of Derrick Rose they were the figure one seed in the Eastern Conference for two old ages and because of Kevin Durant. Russell Westbrook and James Harden the Thunder was name the Western Conference figure one seed. ” This here shows you that Derrick Rose got all the recognition while Russell Westbrook merely acquire about 25 per centum recognition.

“Derrick Rose is more clasp. because the ball is ever in his manus when it comes down to winning a game but Westbrook on the other manus is the 2nd option when it comes down to winning a game” Cam said. I told him that’s merely because he have the marking title-holder Kevin Durant which coach will ever hold the ball in Kevin Durant hands to do a drama. “Derrick Rose has the ability to take over the game. by him being able to help the ball he had to make more because of the deficiency of endowment to take over games. ” but every squad has that cat who takes over the game and Derrick Rose is that cat for the Bulls but for Thunder Kevin Durant is the cat who takes over games and Westbrook steps up when he have to. Potash. Article “Derrick Rose’s lay waste toing hurt in the playoff opener against the 76ers non merely ruined the Bulls opportunities of winning the NBA title. but put their immediate hereafter as a rival in uncertainty. ” In the 2011-2012 playoffs Russell Westbrook got the opportunity to demo his leading by being one of the top participants to take his squad to the NBA Finals.

With Russell Westbrook hiting ability he was the cat who took control of the game. NBA. com. he averaged “23. 6 points per game” and Derrick Rose “averaged 21. 8 point per game. ” Russell Westbrook strengths can besides be his failing ; he sometimes doesn’t know when to draw back off the velocity. Cam. “Westbrook would be great if he knew how to command pacing for his squad. ” That’s similar to me when I’m on the tribunal people tell me I play merely like him with one pacing and in some games it could be an advantage and disadvantage it depend on what sort of game we’re playing either fast or decelerate. When it comes to bouncing Westbrook have this advantage over Rose. NBA. com. “Westbrook mean 4. 6 and Westbrook averaged 1. 5 violative recoils per game while Rose merely averaged 3. 4 recoils per game. ” Westbrook besides have the ability to steal the ball averaging 1. 7 bargains per game and Derrick Rose averaging 0. 9 bargains per game. ”

To me Westbrook is merely a level out better guardian than Rose. if you of all time watch a Thunder game ticker how Westbrook moves his pess to maintain the opposition traveling nowhere. but the lone ground Rose keeps the opposition in forepart of him is because he is the quickest guard in the NBA so with that velocity it’s difficult for other guards to acquire around him. Potash. Article “The NBA Finals series between the Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder. while exhaustively entertaining. has been peculiarly hard to digest in Chicago. Thunder guard Russell Westbrook. heretofore the next-best thing to Derrick Rose in the NBA. is lifting to the top with a leading series. His one-person. consummate public presentation in Game 4 — 43 points on 20-of-32 shot in a 104-98 loss — left Rose in the dust and evoked memories of Michael Jordan’s best NBA Finals public presentations.

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What a shame that Derrick Rose doesn’t have a Kevin Durant or Chris Bosh on his side. Or even a James Harden. What a luxury it is for Westbrook — and LeBron James for that affair — to hold other playmaking menaces on the floor. Rose is about ever on the floor with teammates who need Derrick Rose on the tribunal to acquire unfastened. ” Cam “Even though it’s fundamentally equal. I merely feel like Rose has a better feel as to what a point guard should make for his teammates: do the game easier by doing good base on ballss. calculating out what defences are making and naming dramas consequently. Rose does a far better occupation than Westbrook in that class. Westbrook is ever a wild card on whether he’ll stick to the game program. Rose makes the game program. ” These two guards put me in a mix to make up one’s mind which. the better guard is after that statement made by Cam. because they both have their strengths and failings and it’s difficult to give one of them the rubric. Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook are both great jocks and from the stats I have to manus it over to Russell Westbrook because he is merely an all-round participant I mean the cat is a better scorer. better guardian and this old season he should us. he can take a squad. What more can you inquire from a guard like Westbrook?


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