The United States went to war with Spain in 1898 for three different grounds: societal. economic. and political. These causes were stimulated by commerce and patriotism. Based on these readings it is clear that the desire to be a universe broad power. and beforehand commerical involvement were primary factors that led to the declaration of war on Spain.

The chief societal impact started between 1868 and 1878. While the Cubans were revolting against Spain. General Valeriano Weyler was sent from Spain to coerce the provincials to go forth their places and were put in concentration cantonments. Their harvests. and houses were affected every bit good as their farm animal. This tumult caused falsified. overdone narratives to be made up of the Cubans emotional battle: the Yellow Press. This societal deduction affected the Americans greatly. Soon the word was spread through Yellow Journalism and everyone was indicating their fingers at the United States. The American public rapidly demanded that President McKinley ‘do something’ about the state of affairs. so he ordered a portion of the American naval fleet to travel to Havana.

Mckinely knew that he had to work hard to better the state of affairs for his states repute. “and attempted to carry Spain to give Cuba some local autonomy” ( Allan Hux 295 ) . Mckinely wasn’t entirely in their battle for manifest fate. There were many influential people who encouraged rebellion and believed in taking over the universe. “Josiah Strong believed in the spread of Christianity. every bit good as the doctrine that the Anglo Saxans will shortly rule the universe due to holding the best faith and government” ( Alan Hux 292 ) . Jose Marti was a symbol of independency and a Cuban patriot in 1895. These work forces became popular within American. and McKinely could state the way his people wanted to travel in. This influenced McKinley’s judgement wether to acquire involved with Cuba or non.

One of the taking economic grounds for the war were based on the United States engagement with Cuba $ 50 million investing in Cuba. “The revolution was endangering this investing and damaging concern involvement. ( 125 History of the Americas ) ” . President Mckinely knew that they had to protect Cuba because they were so to a great extent involved. The United States would besides profit from this because Cuba and the Philippines were indispensable for trade and concern. The sugar market and baccy trade was really much affected by the revolution that was go oning in Cuba. This made the Americans quick to move. This gave them another ground to acquire involved with foreign personal businesss.

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Political causes are known to be the most affectional in get downing the war. Due to the short term causes that made history. Without these events the Spanish American war could hold been wholly changed. Due to the public violences that were traveling on in Havana. Mckinely sent the battlewagon Maine to protect American lives and belongings. Soon after it was anchored in the seaport. it exploded. ensuing in the deceases of 260 Americans. The American imperativeness rapidly jumped to fault Spain nevertheless there was small grounds found for the detonation. President Mckinely refused to declare war. nevertheless many thirstily called for war such as Teddy Roosevelt.

This unexpected detonation may look little. nevertheless was a major event in the starting of the Spanish American War. The war message and Teller Amendment was what ab initio started the war. “In the war message the President rejected the thought that the U. S. A would annex Cuba. “He said this would be condemnable aggression and morally wrong” ( Allan Hux 295 ) . Congress agreed. “It passed an amendment that the U. S. A had no programs to take over the island of Cuba. but planned to go forth the authorities and control of the Island to its people. ( 295 Imperialism ) . ” The Spanish idea this was violative and believed this Teller amendment was an abuse. This resulted in the Spanish declaring war on April 24th 1898.

It is clear that America went to war with Spain for economic. political. and societal grounds. The United States continued to transport their name as the most powerful state in the universe. By the 1890s this dominant state turned it’s ideas to utilizing this power to rule and colonise what it deemed to be utile nearby assets.


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