Why Do Peoples Like Scarry Movies? Essay, Research Paper

For old ages people have been scared by horror films and they continue traveling back. Alfred Hitchcock one time said, & # 8220 ; play is life with the dull spots left out. & # 8221 ; Why do people like to watch other people get hurt and die while being scared adequate to do them yank in their place? Movie departers like horror films because people in general have dull lives. Males merely use it as a chance to acquire near to their spouse, while females like to acquire scared while in the presence of their & # 8220 ; man. & # 8221 ;

Every twenty-four hours people merely acquire up, travel to work, and come place for supper before traveling back to bed. Peoples believe that their lives are tiring. That is why horror films are popular. Movie departers like to be able to see blood, backbones, fingers and toes, while holding the ability to merely walk off. Peoples in general privation to hold suspense in their lives but want to be able to turn it off.

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As for work forces, they like to be frightened every bit good as adult females, but most of all work forces like the sex entreaty of horror films. Almost every horror film made in the last 20 old ages has a immature attractive female histrion runnin

g about mindlessly. If work forces were non attracted to this, so manufacturers evidently wouldn’t do films this manner. Men would besides instead take their spouse with them to see these sorts of films. Work forces know their “female friend” will desire to snuggle up!

Womans on the other manus want to hold the fear factor but want their spouse to be by their side. Most adult females film departers will NOT watch a horror movie entirely. They want to experience the protection of their & # 8220 ; man. & # 8221 ; It allows them to be scared while experiencing secure at the same clip. Work force of class Don & # 8217 ; t mind this at all. They planned on it!

Most horror films are made for the viewing age of 17 & # 8211 ; 30. The people in this age group still bask traveling out on the weekends to acquire off from the force per unit areas of school and work. Horror films give exhilaration and suspense in the lives of film departers. It presents trust between spouses when the miss leap in her place and clenches the arm of her fellow. It makes work forces experience strong as if they are protecting their spouse. Horror films allow film departers to hold a small spot of the existent universe while cognizing they can travel place and remainder comfortably in their ain bed.

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