Why Does The Universe Exist? Essay, Research Paper

Why Does the Universe Exist?

See that the existence is some kind of plaything or signifier of amusement for some premier mover, his point, his ain amusement, would be so why the existence exists. The Bible claims that the Christian divinity created the existence and placed worlds in it that they might be in awe of his power. If this is so, why is worship the right response? The significance of the existence as created by God is the amusement of God, but what is the significance of the larger system incorporating God and his creative activities? We could gestate of another primer mover, but that brings us back to the beginning.

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The Bible level out Tells you that God created worlds so that they would be in awe of him, which amounts to stating God created us to blow up his self-importance. We are to God as our pets are to ourselves, beginnings of unconditioned love. As in the celebrated narrative of Footprints in the Sand, God says that it was in his clip of demand that he carried him. Precisely how we treat our pe


Possibly God is besides after the reply to the inquiry, why does the universe exist? Imagine a being so powerful as to be able to make and model the existence, who, like Roman and Greek Gods, is merely marginally more intelligent than his creative activities. Possibly, so God, in all his pathetic power, can non alter himself. In order to happen out why the existence exists he creates the human race so that we might germinate to intelligence greater than his ain, in much the same manner that a computing machine coder wants to make true unreal intelligence, an intelligence greater than his ain.

The reply to that inquiry is really uneven, because there is no true reply and & # 8220 ; god merely knows & # 8221 ; when the human race will come up with this pathetic reply. Will everyone believe it? We worlds have different beliefs and values, which we all believe in. Turning up we are expected to esteem the values and beliefs of others. There are Christians, Buddhists, Scientologists, etc. , each with their ain belief of why we exist. Will we of all time agree as a whole?



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