Party has over 55 million registered voters, comprising of over thirty percent of the united States population. Of course, It Is Impossible to form a party so that everyone fits, I think that the Republican Party does a fairly well job in creating a mold that includes thirty percent of the United States and I am a part and support and agree, to an extent, their ideas and platform.

Some of the Republican Party’s stances on popular debates that support are as follows: opposes gun control, opposes government regulated healthcare, and supports lower taxes. One of the reasons that I am a Republican Is their opposition of gun control. John Locker’s unalienable rights, which Ideas Thomas Jefferson based the Declaration of Independence on, are life, liberty, and property. Property being the main point here, I believe that it is our right to own a gun, since it is considered property; and, it is not the duty of the government, nor the authority, to manage such a thing.

Also, we would not be an independent nation to this day if it were not for the practice of bearing arms. It is crucial to have the right to bear arms in our own safety and retention. My great grandfather, a wealthy French auto dealer, during WI had a wide variety of guns that he collected and hunted with. When Germany Invaded France, they took all of his guns and cars. We are not a nation that deals with threats against domestic violence by taking away rights of the people.

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We create laws and restrictions on how to obtain guns, and thorough background checks to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. The second amendment is our right and the government has no authority to take that away from us. I also support the Republican lateral because I believe that the government should spend less money regulating people’s lives and providing health care and should put the money Into the military or even lower taxes. The Democratic idea of helping the poor is not what I am against.

The part of that idea that I am against is the people that could easily be doing fine on their own, free from the government, yet they choose to be unemployed and live at others expense. Living in the valley my whole life I hear stories and they always sounds the same, “l pay for their food (food stamps), then they don’t eat right ND I have to pay for their medical bill too(Gobo Healthcare Programs)” Growing up hearing these stories makes me realize that even though the government thinks they are helping people, because on paper they look like they are, they really are not.

I would guess about a quarter of the people that the government thinks are in need, are no more deserving than anyone else. My mom is a small business owner and she recently has had to provide insurance to all of her employees. This law did more harm that good, because of the new financial strain on her business she had to cut down on staff. So all of the Insurance benefits that people across the country gained, was on the backs of the now unemployed.

I believe that the government should let loose a little on the reigns of social programs and try and help by lowing taxes, because by lowering taxes, you are not only giving the poor people extra money, you are giving everyone else that is paying for the social problems a brake. My outlook on the government and Republican policies are shaped and molded by my environment and while all of these ideas are mine, they are very closely related to the people around me.


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