Half twelvemonth net incomes in Royal Mail ‘s plunged by 72 % on the same period during last twelvemonth, due to a ?66 million loss in their missive division ( Independent, 2010 ) . This is considerable because Royal Mail ‘s missive division histories for 70 % of entire gross ( Hooper, 2010 )

The market in which Royal Mail operates is really competitory with a figure of rival houses ; there are 51 accredited operators within the UK industry ( Postcomm, N.D. ) . Of these 51 companies, Royal Mail is the lone license holder who is required to offer cosmopolitan bringing of letters to anywhere in the UK.

3. Research Question

The job chosen by the research workers is an investigatable inquiry environing the operation of Royal Mail which has been widely publicised in the media.

3.1 Idea/topic

The subject country for this research is to look into why there has been a autumn in net incomes for Royal Mail. This inquiry has arisen from the loosely documented death of Royal Mail within the media. An article within the BBC was the foundation to the coevals of this thought ( BBC, 2010 ) .

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3.2 General focal point research inquiry

Why has Royal Mail ‘s net incomes fallen?

3.3 Research aims

The research workers are traveling to look into why Royal Mail has seen such a crisp autumn in net incomes. They will look at possible alterations in consumer tendencies and market conditions ; Royal Mail ‘s operating efficiency and the fight within the industry.

To place why Royal Mail has become less profitable the undermentioned inquiries will be analysed:

What is the impact of modern engineerings on Royal mail?

How has the addition in competition in the missive industry affected Royal mail?

Are Royal Mail ‘s operating activities conducted expeditiously?

4. Academic Literature

4.1 Porter ‘s Five Forces

Porter ‘s Five Forces theoretical account is used to find and analyze the strength of competition within a certain industry. This in bend helps to measure the attraction of an industry and profitableness in the long-run. The theoretical account depicts the interaction of five competitory forces ;

External Factors

The menace of entry of new rivals

The grade of competition between bing competition

Internal menaces

The menace of replacement merchandises

The bargaining power of purchasers ( consumers )

The bargaining power of providers

It is necessary to utilize this theoretical account to analyze the competitory nature of the missive industry and to measure whether Royal Mail has lost its competitory advantage. ( Porter, 1979 )

4.2 SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis is used to measure strengths, failings, chances and menaces that face a peculiar house. ‘Strengths and failings have an internal focal point and are typically evaluated by operations people. Threats and chances have an external focal point and are typically evaluated by marketing people. SWOT is frequently regarded as the nexus between organizational scheme and operation scheme. ‘ ( Stevenson, 2005:43 )

This signifier of analysis can be used for the footing of fiting Royal Mail ‘s strength and chances to mensurate their competitory advantage in the postal industry. It can besides be utilised to place Royal Mail ‘s failings and threats the company faces and to accommodate these happening to place where betterments in their operations can be exploited.

4.3 Oligopoly Theory

An oligopoly is a signifier of market construction situated in between the kingdom of perfect competition and monopoly. An oligopoly market exists where there are a few big houses ruling the industry. A cardinal premise of this signifier of market construction is that each house is mutualist, in the sense that each house must take into consideration the reactions of rival houses when make up one’s minding a alteration in concern operations. ( Sloman, 2006 )

4.4 Ansoff ‘s Matrix

An Ansoff Matrix was developed to be after merchandise market growing scheme.

“ The ‘product ‘ scheme, the path by which to make your long term merchandise aims, will necessitate to be developed specifically for each merchandise or service. But, in general, there are said to be four basic merchandise schemes for growing in volume and net income…

Market incursion

Merchandise development

Market extension

Diversification ” ( Mercer, 1996:169 ) , See Appendix 1

The Ansoff Matrix will let the research workers to analyze whether there is range for Royal Mail to alter their current concern operation to let growing in different merchandises or markets.

4.5 PEST Analysis

“ Pest analysis looks at likely alterations in political, economic, socio-cultural and technological factors and seeks to foretell the extent of which alteration is likely to happen and its possible effects for the administration. ” ( Worthington and Britton, 2006:475 )

This will be a good method of analysis for measuring the external factors which will act upon the operations of Royal Mail.

4.6 Operations Management

‘Operation direction is concerned with any productive activity, whether fabrication or service, public sector or private sector, net income devising or non for net income. It is concerned with guaranting that the operations are carried out both expeditiously and efficaciously. ‘ ( Rowbotham et al, 2007: thirteen )

This theory will assist the research workers to measure the inquiry whether Royal Mail, a public sector concern, operates expeditiously compared to in private owned rivals.

5. Methodology

This subdivision of the study will summarize the methods used during the undertaking. This will include research doctrine and research methods every bit good explicating the manner in which information will be collected.

5.1 Research Doctrine

‘Empirical research is the procedure of developing systemised cognition gained from observations that are formulated to back up penetrations and generalizations about the phenomena under survey ‘ ( Lauer and Asher, 1988:7 )

The research workers shall be utilizing empirical research as the decisions found will be derived from informations opposed to intuition.

5.2 Research Design

The research will be carried out within the postal sector, more specifically the missive division. The research will besides look into replacements for postal services such as on-line societal webs and electronic mail.

The research workers will utilize a combination of beginnings for their research, which will include carry oning a study and the usage of secondary informations in order to explicate a decision. ‘The study scheme allows you to roll up quantitative informations which you can analyze quantitatively utilizing descriptive and illative statistics. ‘ ( Saunders et Al, 2009:144 ) . The mark population will include concern and domestic users as this will account for most of, if non all, possible user of the postal service.

This sample will bring forth a cross-sectional information set. “ A cross-sectional information set consists of a sample of persons, families, houses… or a assortment of other units taken at a given point in clip. ” ( Wooldridge, 2009:5 )

The sample size which we will be utilizing will be 60 questionnaires, including 30 persons and 30 concern users. This will guarantee that the information is representative of the population.

Secondary information is “ Data used for a research undertaking that were originally collected for some other intent. ” ( Saunders et Al, 2009:600 ) Roll uping secondary informations will let more efficient assemblage of the needed information. It will include studies, studies and newspaper articles.

We need to compose about the usage of a deductive attack. Saunders

Need to compose about ethical issues.

6. Timescale

6.1. Gantt Chart

The research workers will be utilizing a Gantt Chart ( see appendix 2 ) to organize and be after their activities whilst carry oning their research. “ This provides a simple ocular representation of the undertakings or activities that make up your research undertaking, each being plotted against a timeline. The clip we estimate each undertaking will take is represented by the length of an associated horizontal saloon, whilst a task start and finish times are represented by its place on the timeline. ” ( Saunders et Al, 2009: pp43-44 )

Need to compose what each member will make


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