Many of these athletes have worked harder than any of their other teammates, and are willing to train to the best of their abilities. Many of the coaches can see that these athletes are hard worker and will do whatever it take to be the best. “These students train all year round and eat, breathe, live and sleep the sport they play”(Saunders Clark, Reporter) Also the coaches see that these players have great potential to make it in a professional league. They have proven that they will go above and beyond to make it in a professional league.

These athletes have worked hard for this since they were little kids just barely old enough to play. When you are younger and are just learning to play a sport you are not very good at it but you work hard to become an amazing player. The FAA Five crammed into said locker room after a devastating title game loss. “There is never a more sensitive time to be with a team, and it was easy to picture Michigan players’ puffy eyes staring blankly ahead, if only to keep them from rolling. ” (The FAA Five) Right there is shows is hard for a team to lose in an important game but they bounced back he next year.

They don’t give up when they lose a game or have a bad game they push through and come out strong waiting for the next time they can prove how good they really are. Coaches for the big college teams go scouting looking for the best of the best and won’t stop until they get the player they want on their team. “We went to SUM because Ron Meyer made us believe in a vision, pony Excess). They scout all off season for these athletes and will only pick the ones they want. Paying these athletes can help them in many ways.

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It can help them manically, and help their family out if they can not afford to pay for their child’s college tuition. “Nine times out of 10, you come from a poor family. Your mama don’t have anything; your dad got a little job. You’re probably making $1 0,DOD-$1 2,000 a year, back in those days, if you’re lucky'(pony excess). Paying them can motivate them to do better and prove to everyone they are the best. Alls it can get them noticed by professional league coaches. When those coaches Start to noticed them and they have an even better chance of getting singed by a professional ‘major league.

Paying the athletes can motivate them even more and show them that there hard work is paying off and that it is appreciated. Being dedicated to a sport like these athletes are is another reason why college athletes should be paid. They have shown they are dedicated because they never gave up and that they really want to make it to a professional team. Paying them can show that we see how much they love this sport, and that we are noticing that people notice their talent. Since they have been so dedicated giving them money will help them feel good about themselves, and eel appreciated.

It feels good to get paid for something that you have worked so hard for, for many years. Wouldn’t you like to get paid for something you have worked so hard for? College athletes have worked hard, shown that they can make it in a professional league, and they are dedicated to this sport. Personally believe that they should be paid because they have shown all of that and I know that if I worked that hard for something it would be nice to be recognized. They have worked all their lives for this and being paid would help them in many different ways.

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