What is college? College is a signifier of higher instruction after high school. There are 1000s of colleges in the United States and around the universe. These colleges offer chances to larn about a figure of wide topics. Traveling to college is non required or compulsory but instead a pick by an person. Traveling to college costs a batch of money and a individual wouldn’t spend all that money if they didn’t think it was valuable. It’s besides hard work as it takes committedness to go to categories and countless hours will be spent analyzing. However. 1000000s of people choose to go to. Why do they travel to college?

There are several grounds why people choose to go to college. One of them is the chance given with a college instruction. By geting a college grade of some kind. people open many new doors of chances than those without a college instruction. College alumnuss will get higher-level places. A college grade is besides required to progress or to travel up. I late met a friend that works as a mechanic at a store. He’s 32 old ages old and is traveling back to college so he can acquire a grade and move to a direction place. Like my friend. many people are traveling back to college so they can acquire a grade to travel up or to acquire another calling. With the economic system these past old ages. chances are limited so holding a grade will give people the upper manus in set downing the occupation.

Peoples besides go to college because they want to do good money by acquiring a high paying occupation. These occupations are reserved to those who have completed an extended instruction. Their motive to travel to college is to be able to populate the life style that they want to populate. With all the glitzy glamourous things on the media. people are left in awe as they crave and want them. The society today is really mercenary and we all want or dream of life in luxury. The epicurean life style is a motive for people to travel to college to be able to stop up with a high paying occupation to afford all the comfortss we desire.

However. non everyone goes entirely for themselves. There are many college pupils go toing for their households or parents. My friend Josh is one of those people. He’s non merely traveling to school to prosecute a hereafter in movie. He comes from an economically disadvantaged household as his ma and pa divorced. His brother moved and his grandmother resides on the east seashore so his ma is the exclusive supplier for the family. Josh told me that he didn’t desire to be unproductive at place cachexia clip so he takes as many categories as he can. Everyone in his household went to college and he didn’t desire to be the 1 that didn’t go. Josh wants to do his ma and household proud. He wants to do a batch of money so he can take attention of his female parent and refund her for everything she has done for him. Josh. like many others. hold different motives for traveling to college. They have a sense of pride that they want to acquire an instruction and non let down their households. There are besides pupils who are the first 1s to travel to college. Those pupils face a batch of force per unit area as they don’t want to neglect and corrupt themselves. These pupils are really caring that they non merely travel for themselves but besides for households. They have a thrust to win and carry through what they set out to make.

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Traveling to college and acquiring a grade opens up many doors that wouldn’t be at that place to get down with. The society we live in today is invariably altering and occupations are in demand but employers will desire those who are educated and those that show that they can win. College helps persons get more cognition that will non merely assist them carry through their ends but it will be utile throughout their life journey.


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