Everybody wants to feel good and have a life without fear and sadness that’s why people want to feel happiness In their lives. People are looking anywhere for happiness by doing things to sense It. Happy Is a brilliant feeling. I know that you want of that person that Is looking it! Observing people, they are looking happy to don’t feel the worst feeling of sadness. People want to feel happy to not feel those ugly feelings that also exist in the world. Sadness is what we call the most horrible thing that we can feel. Sadness means a lot of awful.

We made a lot of Interviews and we ask them; what hey said when they are sad. All of them said “Why I’m not happy. ” All of society thinks that if we are sad, stress or frustrated. Immediately their thought are “I’m with bad luck,” they trying to fix the problem to feel happy. Happiness is the objective Cigarillo 2 for life. If we are happy we feel others feeling that are amazing. Also public are looking happy because is the best amazing feeling in the universe than sadness. In general happiness Is to Include a better life. When nation are happy they do better things.

The war stars because they are angry with each other but when feel pappy, there is no immorality. Finding happy is something that each of us are doing all day. This feeling can last one day but no every day. Each day our citizens are looking that feeling of being happy. Because if we are happy everything Is aright, Is Like luck for the day. In addition, happy for the society Is looking good, because If we are happy we can have a power that other people can have. Do you think that happy is power? Oh yeah happy is power because if a person is happy we can do all we want because we have that energy that other can’t have.

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Better life is happy and do you want to know why? Because If we are happy that means that we are In the real world and everything is going very well in life. Power means a lot of definitions, but this not means power of win or power of control. Power of energy is what we looking to have, that energy each day and to enjoy what we doing . Happy Is fun, funny, energy fortune and glad. If we are happy we also have a lot of others feelings. As we can see happy have mix of others good feeling. Happy is the main feeling to live a life with energy and fortune.

People is 1 OFF enshrine, if we are happy, we have a lot of beautiful color in our life. Power is like people want to have, to being accepting in the society with triumph. Because happy makes us strong to do all our dream. Cigarillo 3 A professor of Positive Psychology explain that happiness is a positive game and contagious, if we feel happy other people can feel it too and we can’t share happiness. He gave us example to understand why if we are happy we can share us happiness. Like if a baby is laughed, made us laugh. People also like to be happy because happy is contagious. If we are happy we can bring happy. Tats the major beautiful thing bring happiness to those person that we love. We interview us society and they said that they like to be happy to share with their love ones. All people want to be happy for have a better life. Because happiness have that energy that you can do everything you want. To do not feel the worst feeling people wants to be happy. Having happiness in our life we could have other feeling because happy have different meanings. By you reading why people wants to be happy you would know more about it. We know that you want of them. Don’t tell me lies because all society want to be.


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