This paper is about the six inquiries in Philosophy I gave my grounds and belief’s one why I feel a certain manner on each of the inquiries and after reading I hope you have a better return on Why Philosophy 1. Metaphysicss: what is existent? Well a batch of people would state that existent is anything that could be touched. seen. smelled. or tasted utilizing one of the five senses. But as a Christian I have to differ I believe that you have to hold faith in the fact that something’s are existent conditions or non you can feel them with the five senses.

Take Eden and snake pit I believe that these are really existent touchable topographic points although I ne’er seen touch smelled or tasted either one. So how do I cognize it is existent good faith. I have ne’er been to the Grand Canyon but I know that it is existent with that being said how we know that Eden and snake pit is non existent. 2. Epistemology: what is the relationship between religion and ground? Reason is to believe what can be proven math and scientific discipline Torahs of gravitation and natural philosophies nil left to the imaginativeness if you have ground so there is no demand for religion.

Whereas religion is the belief in things unobserved there is a batch of issue with these two and the fact that if you’re a individual of ground there is no room for religion the job with that is that scientific discipline does non explicate everything so at that place has to be room for religion I without faith life is useless and you don’t have anything to populate for. 3. Ethical motives: Is morality culturally based separately based or is there a cosmopolitan morality? I have to state that this was a tough one to reply because truly the reply is all three.

Culturally based morality is learned through the interactions with the people with in your civilization normally get downing with the parent or defender. There is besides church or the small town captain. Then there is the single morality this return topographic point after you been taught and raised and so you choose what to go or what your moral codification will be will you protect your fellow adult male or will you take to Torahs of the street. You so have the most alone morality term and that is the cosmopolitan morality I call this unique because it is non chosen or larn or gained through life experiences it is automatically instilled in all people.

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Right and incorrect which universal to all the most crude civilisations understand that it wrong to steal or to slay without of all time being taught even felons know this is incorrect they choose to make the incorrect and willing to except that the effects. 4. Aesthetic: is beauty genuinely in the oculus of the perceiver. or are at that place some things that all civilizations find beautiful? Yes Beauty is in the oculus of the perceiver everyone one has there on head when it comes to what is beautiful and what is non some similar roses some tulips and so ain this is apparent in the people we choose to get married.

If everyone agreed on what was beautiful so everyone would look the same or strive to be the same people find different things that they find to beautiful. That is non to state that there are things that a civilization discovery beautiful. Let’s take our civilization for illustration people believe that thin adult female is what the population of work forces find beautiful so companies use this fact to work that beauty seting them on Televisions and hoardings. 5. Political Doctrine: How much power should the authorities hold? The authorities should hold a minimum impact on our lives.

It is non supposed to bail out private concerns increasing the national debt. The authorities is non supposed to command the public it is the public that control the authorities. It is non the occupation of the authorities to do the determinations for the people. That is the job with the authorities today they have excessively much power. 6. Social Doctrine: How should worlds act in a society? Humans in most instances depend on society to populate and in order to map in a society there are certain regulations that apply one being Torahs.

Besides regard for the others in that peculiar society. Freedom of address and some other rights are lessened due to the violation of other people’s rights. The regulations are followed because of the convenience of life in a society. Such as supper markets gas station and things like these. Now if one was to populate in the wilderness most of these regulations would non use for there would be no one’s rights to irrupt on leting them to make as they please but some rights have to be given up for the interest of the better good in a society.


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