Danny Orzo Ms. Franca English AAA 10 February 2015 College Athletes Paid? 43. 3 hours a week 3. 3 hours more than the average American work week. That’s how many hours the Division I athlete devotes to their sport. That is basically a job. The school makes billions of dollars from these athletes from donations, ticket sales, media rights, advertising, and anything else with a price tag. But the athletes see none of that money not even money for food, rent or just spending money.

The NCAA currently produces $11 billion in annual revenue from college sports, that’s more money than the estimated total league revenue for both the NAB and the NIL. College athletes should be paid because the amount of money the colleges make off the athletes and the amount of time the athletes put into their sport. These amazing college athletes bring in a lot more tuition if they are good or their team is good. Marc Delano from Forbes. Com stated “Success in college sports is believed to improve the application rates and caliber of admitted students to certain universities”.

Stated by Scoop Jackson from ESP. “The ear that Boston College quarterback Doug Flute won the Hessian trophy as the nation’s outstanding college football player, Boston College’s undergraduate admissions increased by 25 points and its average SAT score of admitted freshman skyrocketed by 10 points”. College athletes not only help bring in money they also help bring in more students to the college. So if you have an outstanding athlete than you will bring in more students cause they want to watch the athlete, and then that means your getting more money cause of all the kids with tuition.

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At some schools the road to the NCAA men’s basketball championship requires student-athletes to miss more than a quarter of their classes during the spring semester. If going to class is more important then sports like the NCAA says it is then how come the student-athletes have to miss so many classes. Currently the NCAA Division I football championship is held on a Monday night. The national championship game requires some of the players to miss their first spring classes. The annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament also affects about eight classes for the students.

Again the NCAA says that classes are more important but again the athletes miss classes that bring in money to the colleges. The NCAA stresses so much on the athletes going to class but they schedule games that affect the athletes in their classroom. Many people say the student athletes are already getting paid a few hundred thousand dollars cause they’re going to school for free. But if they put so much of this time into their sports how do they have the time to get a job and make money to pay for rent, food and just to have money in their pocket.

Some people also say that their parents could give them some money for that stuff but a lot of these athletes come from families that aren’t very wealthy. Stated by Jeffery Doorman from Forbes. Com “Athletes that are on scholarship are essentially paid already because they receive free tuition, room, meal plans, and some money for books and miscellaneous expenses they also receive academic counseling tutoring, life skill training and even nutritional advice. ” But this is mainly for the athletes that have full scholarships, otherwise some athletes have to pay for rooms, books, meals ND some tuition.

Jeffery Doorman also stated “Do you pay all those student athletes or only those that make and impact? After all they are not all selling jerseys, selling tickets and boosting television ratings. ” I am not saying you have to pay the students a ridiculous amount of money just think the athletes need a decent amount of money each semester to help them pay for food, rent and just some spending money in their pocket. These outstanding college athletes need to be paid! They bring in all this money to the college and see no money what so ever


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