First of all. you should cognize that holding a frock codification is the right pick for the in-between school. Having a frock codification will do the school more presentable and look more professional. Students don’t have to worry about what to have on to school and be less self witting. It is besides cheaper than purchasing new “trendy” closets.

A frock codification will do the Harvey School look more professional. Visitors during the school twelvemonth would be more likely to fall in because we look more presentable. It creates a more a more studious environment and aid cut down the sum of intimidation and force in the school. Students will be more focussed during category because they won’t be surrounded by a deflecting manner show.

Keeping the frock codification policy will do childs experience less self witting and better that they don’t have to worry about what to have on to school in the forenoon. This will besides diminish the figure of late pupils geting at school in the forenoon. supplying more clip for instruction. You can besides acquire more slumber this manner because it takes you less clip to acquire ready in the forenoon. Since there is a frock codification. pupils will non acquire judged as much of what they are have oning.

Keeping the frock codification in the Harvey School will besides salvage the pupils money. Since the approximative $ 30. 000 a twelvemonth is rather a brawny monetary value for tuition. The frock codification will salvage the pupils money because you won’t have to purchase all the new “trendy” apparels. Though you will still be able show your individualism because you will hold picks on what to have on in the forenoon. You can still pick what colour. trade name and manner. Uniforms nevertheless do non let you to hold any freedom because you wear the same thing EVERY twenty-four hours.

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Therefore. it is clear that the Harvey School should go on with the frock codification policy and non exchange to uniforms. While looking all right and presentable. you will still be able to show your individualism while non holding to purchase the new and expensive “in style” vesture. Uniforms nevertheless does non let you to show yourself. It besides help pupils mentally by seting less emphasis on them on what to have on in the forenoon. Honestly no pupils would desire uniforms. so please. maintain the frock codification.


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