Discussion of the degree of success in meeting the original objectives The original objectives as discussed in the beginning of the design section are: * To introduce a graphical user interface to make the interface easy to use Menus and sub-menus are available to facilitate the tasks by navigating through forms and reports. Forms are well labeled with labels. * To use Input forms to enter record and output forms or reports to display the result Each form has its report; navigation of records can be easily done by the aviation control button. To minimize errors while record is being entered to the system Each field has a validation rules, hence no errors in entering data, and list box, combo box are present in each forms. * To develop a system which is fast All forms are related to each other by relationship hence all data are always updated. * To perform any calculations automatically Calculations of bills are made simpler with check box. (it) Evaluate the client’s and user’s response to the system A letter was received by the erector to ensure that the new system is working and he is very pleased to the new reforms in his college. 2 August 2011 Yacht Hermann Masher’s Nagging Rd Triplet Ref: New System I am pleased to inform you that your new system has improved our management. All the secretaries are very pleased with the new system and have been well used without any bugs creating obstacles in the system.


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