Viewing Wildlife Assignment Copy and paste these questions in a word processor and type in your answers below these questions. Visit Florida Birding Trail to find a section of the Great Florida Birding Trail near you and another that you would like to travel to visit. Then, answer the following questions using complete sentences. 1. What section of the Great Florida Birding Trail is nearest to your home? South Florida section . 2. What section of the Great Florida Birding would you like to travel to visit? Why? The north Florida because it has more animals there , and also it wouldn’t be ring , ii would keep you more busy 3.

What type of equipment or gear will you need to go birding? Binoculars & field goal 4. What is the purpose or importance of each piece of equipment needed for birding? So you can smoker birds closely , and always so creative ones . 5. Choose two or more pieces of equipment or gear needed for birding that interests you. Provide a web advertisement, including cost, for each piece of equipment.

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