Will the Computer Replace the Mind? by Rav B. Horovitz An version based upon articles by Rav S. D. Sassoon and Rav Arye Kaplan. Science and advanced engineering appear to hold brought us to the pinnacle of the Biblical authorization to repress the universe ( Genesis 1:28 ) . Not merely has adult male conquered the universe of outer infinite. he is accomplishing domination in the interior infinite of the karyon. He is unknoting the enigmas of familial codifications and is technology new life signifiers. The computing machine. and the engineering of robotics and unreal intelligence. base at the frontier of man’s attempts to get the hang his universe.

A computing machine is capable of making computations that exceed the capacity of any individual head. Automatons are progressively replacing workers who perform repetetive undertakings. What are the bounds of these developments? Could a computing machine or robot replace the human head? Human intelligence is non the ability to follow instructions. which can besides be done by a automaton. What is the kernel of the human being? Who is the existent you? Some say that adult male is like a machine. a organic structure that can execute certain maps. In times past. a character could see his ain organic structure as an built-in portion of himself.

But scientific advancement has changed this construct of personality. Today a adult male can populate with another person’s bosom whipping in the chest. If he is asked. “Who are you? ” he can non indicate to his bosom. because it is person else’s. Let us conceive of what it would be like to undergo a encephalon graft. A individual might be enduring from an incurable disease in his organic structure. but still hold a healthy encephalon. The giver. on the other manus. would hold suffered irreparable encephalon harm. but otherwise have a absolutely sound organic structure. So the encephalon is removed from the ill organic structure and placed in the healthy one.

Who is the new adult male? We have an old encephalon with all its memories. personality traits and behavior spiels. but it has a trade name new organic structure. The old organic structure might hold been old and ill. while the new one may be immature and full of energy. Let us inquire this adult male to indicate to himself. Will he indicate to his organic structure. or will he indicate to his caput? Probably the latter. Computer engineering allows one to execute a memory transportation. taking the information in one computing machine systems and reassigning it to another. What if this were done to the human bran? Let us visualize a memory transportation.

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Assume that we have a individual with an incurable disease. and neither his organic structure nor his encephalon can be salvaged. We clone a new organic structure of this person. encephalon and all. This new organic structure has a clean new encephalon capable of working. but without any memories. We bring all the information of the ill individual into the encephalon of the new organic structure. If all of man’s memories. thought forms and personality traits are transferred to a new organic structure and encephalon. so this individual literally exists in his new organic structure. but nil physical has been transferred. merely the information.

But so the inquiry arises. who is the existent you? It is non your organic structure. non your encephalon ; it is the information contained in your encephalon – the personality traits. memories and thought spiels. the immaterial self-importance. After the organic structure ceases to maps. what happens to the existent you. the human personality? What happens to all the memories. thought spiels and personality traits? When a book is burned. its contents are no longer available. When a computing machine is smashed. the information in it is besides destroyed. But. when a adult male dies. everything still remains in G-d’s memory.

Merely as the head is the topic which holds all objects together. so G-d is the topic that besides holds all human begins together. We may believe of something bing merely in memory as being inactive. but G-d’s memory is dynamic and still maintains its individuality. This is the significance of immortality. the Garden of Eden. the World to Come. the universe of psyches. the bond of ageless life. “Dust returns to the dust as it was. but the spirit returns to the G-d who gave it. ” ( Ecclesiastes 12:7 ) A individual is theoretically able to comprehend every thing that surrounds him and to retrieve everything.

But if all of this information poured into his head continuously. it would overpower him. Therefore. the encephalon screens out most of what we perceive and retrieve. If maps in portion as a cut downing value. to restrict the information that enters our consciousness so that we encounter the changeless day of the month from the universe as a soft watercourse instead than as a tidal moving ridge. A intimation of what the encephalon excluded can be understood if one closes his eyes and views the kaleidescope of random images that enter the head.

Let us now imagine the mental activity of a discorporate should. naked in forepart of G-d. as it were. The cut downing value is gone ; the head is unfastened and transparent. Then one can comprehend everything in a manner impossible to a head which is held back by a organic structure and a nervous system. That is why the Sages describe the World to Come with the undermentioned imagination: The righteous sit with their Crowns on their caputs and delectation in the beams of glorification of the Divine Presence. The Book of Job provinces: “… After my tegument is destroyed. so without my flesh I shall see G-d. ( Job 19:26 ) .

This is reflected in Near Death experiences which have late been scientifically explored. In this discorporate province the person will see himself in a new visible radiation. He will see himself for the first clip without the jamming that shuts out most ideas. Even in our person. physical province. looking at oneself can sometimes be delighting and other times painful. Even more so. when one stands with one’s memory pen in forepart of G-d. one will experience tremendous pleasance from all of the good workss that one has done and which G-d approves.

For the antonym. one will experience great shame: “many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth shall wake up. some to ageless life. and some to upbraid and everlasting shame. And the wise shall reflect as the brightness of the celestial sphere. ” ( Daniel 12:2-3 ) This construct of the human personality is wholly unlike the mechanism and informations of the computing machine. Another major difference between the head and the computing machine is that the individualism of adult male holds to either their idea spiels. traits and the memories in one unit.

In contrast. computing machine operations are distinct. non unified ; there is no self-importance in the computing machine. no consolidative force. Normally we behold 100s of objects and tonss of colors. The oculus maps as a lens. similar to a camera. and focuses an image on the retina. Attached to the retina are 1000000s of nervus terminations that convey the urges created by that image through the ocular nervus to the encephalon. And the ocular nervus has a overseas telegram. as it were. that contains a great figure of parallel strand each transporting a separate message. What happens when these messages arrive at the encephalon?

For illustration. when we are looking at two points of visible radiation. one package of nervousnesss carries the message of one of the visible radiations to one portion of the encephalon. and another package to another point. another portion of the encephalon. and the entire message is spread out in infinite. The nervousnesss with their messages can non meet on one point or on one atom because the size of the nervus is far in surplus of any atom. Therefore. since these nervus terminations are in different parts of the encephalon. one bring forthing the feeling of visible radiation here and another over at that place. what entity in natural philosophies can account for our seeing two visible radiations at the same clip?

These two distinct things must be in two topographic points at the same clip and there is no physical entity where this can perchance be true. In natural philosophies. there are four known forces: gravity. electromagnetism. and the weak and strong atomic forces. None of these can assist us to see how a physical entity can hold been in two topographic points at one time. The entity that encompasses the two points of light together as a integrity can non be a physical entity. It is the head which has the alone map of keeping disparate things together in a integrity and which spreads over affair. The self-importance is situated in many topographic points at one time.

For illustration. we look out of both eyes and see our olfactory organ. Is my nose to the right or to the left? It is to the right of one oculus and to the left of the other. So where am I? It must be situated between both eyes. and hence I can non state that the olfactory organ is to my right or to my left. For illustration. when I look at a tabular array. I know that it has legs underneath and a side to it. But I merely know it because my head can keep together images that are separate. My eyes see the whole top of the tabular array at one time. Even that is merely possible because of the unifying. incorporating portion of the head.

I can merely see the entire tabular array by holding an image of the top. and image of the underside. an image of one side and the other side ; so I take all of the images together and make the world of the tabular array through the power of my head. And that can ne’er be done by any machine. Computerized axial imaging ( CAT ) is a medical diagnostic engineering that scans cross-sections of the human organic structure and assembles via computing machine artworks a 3-dimensional image. The CAT scanner merely concatenates of myriad of planar pieces. and so undertakings images onto a sing screen.

The computing machine does non show a individual. incorporate image of the organic structure or object being viewed. Merely the human head. with its alone gestating power. can pull out a incorporate construct of a organic structure or object. Some believe that the physical encephalon does the thought. But the physical encephalon is merely like a machine the thought is done by something non-physical. the head. which joins together the conceptual correlative of the urges of the encephalon. There is a correlativity between encephalon activity and the ideas that produce this activity.

But the head is the ultimate world. The organic structure. including the encephalon. be more like a shadow in comparing with the head. It is the head that holds together the diverse facets of infinite and objects and besides the separate points of clip. The individualism of adult male is expressed through the power of his head. The beginning of this power of the persons the inflow that comes from a higher beginning. that comes from G-d Himself. That is how G-d is described as being the beginning of the Divine Breath. ‘Neshama’ – the psyche power of the human being.

The Deity is a larger Mind of which our ain heads are elements. but which still permits the head of adult male to hold its ain individualism. Fusion is the basic construct of the Hebrew missive “vav” . the vav as connection is related to its numeral equality to six. The six waies of infinite ( =3 dimensions ) are held together by the 7th. unseeable dimension. which is the dimension of the head – the head of adult male and head of the universe. The inflow into the head of adult male. human individualism. comes from the head of the universe. from G-d.

I can look at the tabular array from six sides. but it is merely the head which holds together the six sides. That besides explains why the missive vav ( “and” ) is the word which connects events. because it is merely the head which connects a past event with the present. and the present with the hereafter. “Six yearss the Lord created heaven and Earth. and on the 7th twenty-four hours He rested and became the Soul” ( Exodus 31:17 ) . When one sees a glorious sundown or a olympian landscape one feels in touch with a greater Mind because so the self-importance psychiatrists. We realize that our junior-grade concerns are little in comparing with the great harmoniousness we perceive.

This is why the Sages have given us a approval to state for all the admirations of nature. which make us witting of the nonnatural universe. Through plunging oneself in the great harmoniousness of life and Divinity which is contained in the Torah. one encounters the religious infinite. where the soul-mind of adult male resides. In our twenty-four hours. when adult male so readily likens himself to a machine and regards the computing machine as holding greater abilities than himself. we must reaffirm the high quality of the head and psyche. All semisynthetic creative activities will convey consolation and harmoniousness merely if they are dedicated to G-d. the Mind of the existence.


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