Introduction Section: Paragraphs 1 and 2

William Heinemann. the article’s managed to give a clear description of who Wangari Maathai is in this peculiar subdivision of the composing. He farther noted that like the other adult females women’s rightists of her clip. Maathai was so a passionate yet aggressive person who knew what she wanted and precisely knew what she wanted out of her life. As a adult female. Maathai described herself to be person who used to amount to nil and yet was able to do a difference in the society that she has been populating in. It was non merely her beliefs but besides her personal rules in life that drove her to go the combatant that she has become as she fought against the autocratic regulation of the Kenyan authorities under Daniel Arap Moi.

Her idealism: Paragraphs 3 to 5

She believed that worlds as persons have their ain rights of showing themselves freely particularly if they know that what they believe in could truly convey alterations to the society that they are populating in. She strongly agreed to the thought of doing one’s life worthwhile through prosecuting affairs that would break the public assistance of others. It is through this that a individual is able to recognize the existent sense of his life as an single sharing his life with others for a meaningful cause.

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Her life and the Society: Paragraph 6 to 8

Maathai’s bend of life state of affairs shows the gradual procedure by which dreams itself could convey its dreamer to the right path towards success. Her life has so been a beginning of inspiration for those who have about lost hope in happening for themselves a ground of their life.

A Change Making Change: Paragraph 9 to 10

The transmutation that she has really gone through during her life-time goes on to demo that a individual desiring alteration should so be ready of legion forfeits. intended transmutations in life to be able to take a firm stand the alteration that one aims to achieve for others. The growing of the instruction pattern of Maathai surely gave her more cognition on the affair that she has long been contending for. therefore giving her the right assurance to do things go on harmonizing to the ways by which she thinks they should.


William Heinemann’s attack in composing the life narrative of an ordinary adult female seeking to do alteration in the society such as that of Wangari Maathai herself could really be considered effectual in presentation. Although the authorship is rather common. it could non be denied that the in depth account of the roots of the idealisms that Maathai believed and how she was really able to make a possible connexion on her dreams and her plants in life created a more appraising attack on demoing the readers how an ordinary individual could really do great alterations within the society cheapness he is populating in.

It could besides be observed that Heinemann created a more graphic image of a modern adult female from narrating the life of Maathai. He farther noted the consequence of household and cultural background of a individual. a adult female in peculiar. towards the positions that she has in life. Through explicating the cultural and household roots of his character. he was able to now how these factors of populating really impact a person’s behaviour and idealisms in life.

Furthermore. Heinemann’s focal point in authorship. which is demoing the grounds behind a person’s motive towards doing alteration. has really made the reading more brooding for the reader’s portion. Well. it is through this attack that the readers are instead moved to believe on how they themselves are able to make a ground for life and a push for doing alteration as ordinary persons like that of Wangari Maathai.


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