William J. Bennett is a conservative against cheery matrimony. He has written two books about American civilization: The Book of Virtues and The Broken Hearth: Change by reversaling the Moral Collapse of the American Family. Bennett writes a piece that appeared in the Washington Post on May 21. 1996. Gay matrimony is a large contention. The conservative and non-conservative people normally disagree with one another strongly. In the piece Bennett has a clear and strong statement against cheery matrimony. I believe that in his piece he clearly does non wish homosexual people.

Bennett writes that if we allowed homosexuals to get married it would wholly alter the significance and definition of matrimony itself. Men and adult females complement each other and matrimony reinforces the societal act between them. He indicates that if we allowed homosexuals to get married it would promote incest in households between same sex siblings. Some immature grownups in high school claim they are cheery or bisexual because it became “cool” . and the counsellors know they are non gay. It would be confounding to kids if we were to acknowledge the matrimony of cheery people. It would be hard to learn the kids sexual instruction. Besides. it would be unhealthy for kids to hold cheery parents. and they would be unbalanced.

Although Bennett foremost states that he understands that homophiles go through difficult times. he shows a great sum of disfavor for them. He has a big sum of logical fallicies. For illustration. in the piece he makes a slippy incline fallicie when he states that brothers would desire to get married each other. or bisexuals would desire to get married two people. He besides makes a headlong generalisation in where he comments of a sample from one high school.

I do non hold with anything that Bennett has argued. In my sentiment. matrimony is based off of. and canonly last on love. To deny two people who love each other from populating their lives together like straight persons can. is obscene. We are merely denying non merely their love of one another. but themselves as human existences. Homosexuals should hold the same rights as anyone else. They should be able to follow kids. love and raise them. Although some. including Bennett may see this as difunctional. . What household does non hold some dysfunctions? To me. it is all about love and compassion. and I would ne’er deny that from anyone.

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Overall. Bennett makes a good statement against cheery matrimony. at least to anyone that has the same positions as him. In Bennett’s patch his tone shows a batch of emotion and disfavor. He besides has a good sum of logical fallicies. I did non hold with a batch of what Bennett had to state. and I believe that he is merely a close-minded individual. who thinks that his ethical motives are “right” and everyone else who has different ethical motives are incorrect.


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