Although. at first. William Shakespeare’s drama Othello is hard to hold on. once it begins to go clearer it is arguably obvious that the subjects and thoughts of the drama are as relevant to show audiences as they are to past. Shakespeare uses the characters of Roderigo and Iago to stand for green-eyed monster. which is the driving subject throughout the drama. Shakespeare conveys the subject of individuality through most characters. but chiefly Othello. Cassio and Iago. These subjects are merely a smattering of what make this peculiar drama relevant to modern audiences.

In the drama Othello. green-eyed monster is the driving component to the secret plan of the narrative. Shakespeare focuses on the dangers of Jealousy and how it can destruct lives and matrimonies through the signifiers of professional competition and sexual intuition. Through the character Iago. his green-eyed monster of Cassio’s military place is the beginning of his hate for Othello and the fuel for his use of Othello and Desdemona’s matrimony. This jealousy shown from Iago of Cassio is relevant to modern audiences because it resembles similar state of affairss in today’s work force. hence easy for modern audiences to associate to.

Iago begins to warn Othello of his wife’s supposed misdoings with Cassio. ‘Oh. beware. my Godhead. of green-eyed monster! //It is the jealous monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on’ ( 3. 3. 170 ) Iago explains that the adult male left behind the way of devastation of the ‘green eyed monster’ will be left abashed and shamed. Besides. the imagination in this quotation mark paints a helpful image to understand the significance of it. And this is non merely the subject of green-eyed monster. it is the use of Othello’s individuality every bit good. Othello sticks by the fact that he is non easy made covetous. and will non take a covetous life ‘Think’st 1000 I’d do a life of jealousy//To follow still the alterations of the moon’ ( 3. 3. 182 ) . This statement by Othello can be related to by modern audiences by people in the same manipulative state of affairs experiencing it is of import non to demo exposure to the operator. By Act 3 it becomes clear of Iago’s purposes and is a clear representation of green-eyed monster through the character by Shakespeare.

In Othello. Shakespeare forms the individuality of characters through a figure of constituents – race. gender. societal position. military place etc. These constituents are a cardinal characteristic to the defining of 1s actions. It becomes clear early in the drama that Iago is non one to place himself wholly to others because he says it makes him vulnerable. ‘But I will have on my bosom upon my sleeve//For Corvus monedula to pick at. I am non what I am’ . ( 1. 1. 66 ) Besides. Shakspere shows bravery. and independency for the first clip in Desdemona. Possibly it was already clear when she ran off with Othello but it becomes obvious in her supplication to her male parent Brabantio. ‘How to esteem you. You are the Godhead of duty//I am hitherto your girl. But here’s my husband’ . ( 1. 3. 185 ) This girl to beget statement is easy understood by modern audiences and can easy be related to when holding to confront that minute in life when traveling out of place. and holding to explicate to your parents that you are still their ownership but are now independent.

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In Othello. repute is the strongest subdivision in how the subject of individuality is portrayed in characters. Shakspere shows that Cassio’s repute is highly of import to him and one time he feels he has lost his repute as being fired from his high ranking military place he says it makes him experience like nil but a ‘beast’ . ‘Reputation. repute. repute! Oh. I have lost my repute! I have lost the immortal portion of myself. and what remains is beastly. My repute. Iago. my repute! ’ ( 2. 3. 242 ) . This usage of repeat is helpful to do clear merely how of import repute is to Cassio’s individuality. This repute can be compared to a modern twenty-four hours athlete who’s repute means everything to. Like Cassio’s drunken bash. an athlete’s repute can be immediately destroyed by doing such a error. This comparing is an illustration of how this text is still relevant to modern audiences.

It’s now clear that although people’s facets on life have changed dramatically. Shakespeare’s drama Othello is still relevant to modern audiences through the subjects in it’s contents. Subjects such as green-eyed monster. matrimony. race. repute. use and fraudulence are still related to and applicable by modern-day audiences today.


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