Access work area
Where you work on Access objects
active tab
Tab currently displayed
application software
Programs designed to make users more productive
Performs a specific action
common dialog boxes
Microsoft Office Programs use ____ for performing actions
Enhanced ScreenTip
More detailed than a typical ScreenTip
Named unit of storage
file management
Organizing files in folders is part of the ____ process
folder windows
Users rely on ____ for managing information
formula bar
As you type, Excel displays the entry in the ____
Set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or list
Home tab
Contains the more frequently used commands
insertion point
Indicates where text and graphics will be inserted
landscape orientation
Slide width is greater than its height
logging on
Opens your user account and makes computer available
Enlarge the window so that it fills the entire screen
List of related items
All activity in OneNote takes place in the ____
object tabs
____ for open objects appear at the top of work area
Note taking program
operating system
Program coordinates activities of computer hardware
Communications and scheduling program
Private combination of characters; restricts account access
Drive letter, colon, and one or more folder names
Boxes with dotted borders; displayed when creating a slide
Print Layout view
Shows the document on a mock sheet of paper
Desktop publishing program
Recycle Bin
Location of files that have been deleted
screen resolution
Number of pixels used to display information on screen
scroll arrows
Part of scroll bar; enables you to see areas out of view
scroll bar
Appears when an area is not completely visible on screen
sheet name
Appears on a sheet tab at the bottom of the workbook
shortcut keys
Press to perform tasks using the keyboard
shortcut menu
Common commands that relate to right-clicked objecct
The basic unit of a PowerPoint presentation
slide show
PowerPoint presentation
Object allows users to choose from predetermined options
Start button
Use to access programs, files, and settings on a computer
Start menu
Contains commands that allow you to start programs
status bar
Presents info about the document and current tasks
Collection of individual programs available as a unit
Contains a collection of groups
Title Slide layout
With a new presentation, the default ____ appears
tool tabs
Contextual tabs
user account
Identifies resources a user can access on the computer
user icon
Picture associated with a user name
user name
Characters that identify a specific user to Windows 7
Welcome screen
Shows the user names of users on the computer
Rectangular area that displays data and information

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