With Vodka, Whiskey is the one of the most consumed alcohols in the
world and it is produced in the countries of Europe, the United States and
France, odorless and without distinctive aromas hence its denomination of
yellow alcohol it is enriched with colors and aromas, making it a varied


The Market of
Whiskey the Main Market:  


Whiskey can be produced from some agricultural products. Defining
Whiskey is a sensitive subject. The producing countries (including U.S and
Canada) wanted to reserve this term for spirits exclusively produced from
different varieties, including barley, corn, rye, and wheat.  

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The Generic
Market the Spirits Market:


 It is a varied market where
250 references appear on average. In the 46 categories on this market,
considering the geographical origin of these drinks, we find that this market
is split in two. On the one hand, classic spirits (aniseed, bitters, gentians,
liqueurs, fruit brandies and rums), and on the other hand, spirits trends
(Vodka, white spirits, some rums, tequila and gin).


The Place of
Whiskey in the Spirits Market in France:


Whiskey is the third most consumed alcohol in France after Beer and
wine which share more than 67% of the market with 250 million liters consumed
in 2008 GLOBAL VIEW DEMAND. Whiskey consumption jumped by more than 76% from
2002 to 2007. In 2006, French consumption of all brands of Whiskey rose by 16.5%
compared to 3.3% for Vodka, one of the most popular brands. its main indirect
competitor product.


The Consumer:


Whiskey a taste of U.S aged consumers looking for taste what
motivates consumers to drink Whiskey is the story it emanates. The French are
very attached to the terroir in particular about the wines. The number of
connoisseurs is increasing, the segment of the premium Whiskeys has good days
in front of him.


Whiskey as a basic alcohol, fashionable alcohol: young consumers: price
research Unlike the United States, in France we consume very little pure
Whiskey. The trend is for cocktails whose basic ingredient is Whiskey. The vast
majority of Whiskeys is consumed as a mix, its neutral taste is easy to detect.
For French people, it’s a new way of drinking as an aperitif 25-35-year old
prefer inexpensive products but at the forefront of fashion. In this
perspective, it is the entry-level Whiskeys for less than 20 € that benefit We
could see the decline bottles, traditionally format 70 cl in 11% and even 1.5%.


Large formats More economical. Alcohol associated with the party.
Manufacturers marketing orientation This alcohol is often associated with the
world of nightlife and outings. It is tasted mixed with sodas, fruit juice or
other soft drinks such as energy drinks. In France in 2008, 59 million liters
were consumed outside the home including 66.7 in bars, discotheques, and
drinking establishments. In December, volume sales of spirits account for 20 to
30% of their annual sales.


A transfer of consumption to the home. This is due to the price of
Whiskey which is cheaper in GMS than in CHD. For comparison, 1 I of Whiskey
sells for 10 € in GMS for 100 € the same bottle in nightclub.


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