How does Weir’s portraiture of the relationship between Book and his universe travel us into a deeper apprehension of power? The 1985 movie ‘witness’ directed by Peter weir is a crime/drama that develops the subject of struggle though single power on a societal. cultural and personal degree. These countries of power are highlighted through the usage of movie techniques such as ; camera shootings. camera angles. lighting and costume. The movie outlines the apposition between mainstream American society and the Amish community in regional Pennsylvania. the subject of power between Book and his universe exactly stress this apposition. The competent American society is seen as a violent and chesty group of people. whereas the Amish community is seen as the defenceless peaceful. spiritual group of people. Peter weir is careful to portray power realistically ; he does this though the usage of force.

Weir utilizations three basic groups when it comes to force. The Amish. who refuse force in all fortunes. work forces like John Book who use force to accomplish justness. and the culprits of force. people like Schaeffer and Mcfee. who use force to accomplish results and power. Books life is one abundant with force that is the effect of his line of work. which basically is present due to his authorized general degree of power. he is a police officer so by jurisprudence enforcement is required to exercise his power though force and actual agencies in order to protect and back up the community in which he lives. even if this means extinction of one’s life. Weir presents the force in the movie in a in writing. facing manner.

This is done to underscore to the audience the bloody consequences that come from negative usage of power to accomplish justness or commit offenses. By non sensationalising force. weir creates a realistic myocardial infarction en scene ; nevertheless Weir nowadayss that force. as used by people like John Book is necessary. every bit long as people like Mcphee and Schaeffer exist. The impracticality of the Amish position is presented when they are shown being harassed by tourers. Eli’s statement “it happens. we ignore them” . show that it is a regular happening.

The thought of non utilizing force. even in ego defense mechanism is shown to be impractical in the wider universe. The Amish are community is here portrayed as one in absence of power. even though they could perchance support themselves or utilize force they choose to accept the perturbation by the modern society. and utilize pacificism to be echt to their civilization. being several but vulnerable. However attach toing them is John Book. being a stereotyped constabulary officer he possesses the power in force and is fearless and unrestricted to doing usage of it. By using the power he has hold of. he attacks the badgerers as he is equivocal to accomplishing a sense of justness for the Amish. showing the conflicting usage of power when Eli says “it’s non our way” and John Book answers “but it’s my way” .

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