Women have been allowed to participate in the Canadian Armed Forces since the 1950’s. When women first started serving in the Armed Forces they were very limited on career opportunities. Many people felt women shouldn’t be allowed to serve in uniform. As times have changed since then, women have been serving in the CAF for over 100 years. When women were first allowed in the Canadian Armed Forces they were only eligible to participate in nontraditional duties. It wasn’t until 1979, that the eligibility of women participating in other career opportunities started to expand. It took approximately 7 years for women to be eligible to participate in most combat roles. The first female Infantry Solider was Pte. Heather R. Erxleben. Although women were eligible to participate in the CAF, performing on submarines was still banned for women until 2001.  Women play an important part in serving our country. They were originally only allowed to participate as nurses, seamstresses, and cooks. Now that women are allowed to participate in all CAF careers, the standards for certain careers have changed. There are tests you have to pass to be eligible for certain careers. When women were first allowed into the armed forces they were judged, and many people felt women shouldn’t be eligible to serve alongside men at war. Everyone no matter what your gender is, has the ability to show dedication and determination. It was a women’s determination that changed societies perspective on allowing women to become part of the CAF. Once women were starting to be allowed into the different branches Army, Navy, Air Force. Although, these brave women have to prove they were able complete the tasks assigned, they also had to prove they would not fail. ? In 2006, The CAF experienced a great loss, one of the very first female soldiers Capt. Nichola Goddard, was killed serving our country on the front lines in Afghanistan. Nichola was a brave and courageous women who served our country, she was also the very first women to die in Canadian Operations since WWII. As well as being the 16th Canadian Soldier killed in Afghanistan. 


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