Fundamental law of Pakistan guarantees the rights of adult females and do non know apart in any domain of life. The footing of Pakistani fundamental law is Islam ; a faith that has secured the rights of adult females 14 hundred old ages ago.

In Pakistan ; Mukhtaran Mai. Dr. Shazia and assorted other adult females have been raised internationally because of the corrupt character of our moth eaten justness. societal and political system. In order to avail political power. dictators like General Zia-ul-Haq tried to pacify the fundamentalist Mullahs by establishing Hudood Ordinance. The society is soundless over societal imposts like Karo-Kari. Vaani. Swara and several other atrociousnesss of the retrograde people. Finally. the last hope. the justness system. is itself a victim of political intervention.

Let us see why adult females rights are being denied and exploited in Pakistan. but before that. do it clear what are women’s cosmopolitan rights. In Article 25 ( 1 ) of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan it is stated. “All citizens are equal before jurisprudence and are entitled to equal protection of jurisprudence. ” Article 25 ( 2 ) provinces. “There shall be no favoritism on the footing of sex entirely. ”

Islam guarantees an grownup adult female to get married harmonizing to her will. Even parents can non coerce her to get married against her pick. Furthermore. no individual including parents. hubbies. in-laws have the right to judge and make up one’s mind the destiny of adult females accused of being guilty of any offense. Courts are at that place in a civilised society to make up one’s mind what is right what is incorrect.

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In add-on to constitutional warrant. 98 % per centum Muslims of Pakistan are morally adhering as truster of Islam to contend immorality and unfairness. i. e. . Amar Bil-Maroof Wanahi-o- Mankar. In this respect. they are adhering upon at least to voice their concern as a Muslim who can non digest immoralities of gross unfairnesss traveling on adult females.

Despite the cosmopolitan protection of Islam and the rights given by the fundamental law of Pakistan. adult females are the being abused by some flagitious elements of our society.

Politicss in Pakistan is a game of keeping power and making everything whether right or incorrect in order to procure that power. Womans have been a victim of such a political game. General Zia-ul-Haq. after clinching power from Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. enacted “Hudood Ordinances” . Zia gave the feeling to Islamise the state ; nevertheless. the concealed truth was to protract his term of office by doing the spiritual extremist happy. Still the adult females are being crushed under the atrocity of Hudood Ordinances.

If a adult female is raped. one of the conditions of the jurisprudence requires that adult female must supply for four pious Muslim informants for seeing the offense. Let for a minute condone that portion of the jurisprudence. But. the worst inhuman treatment of the jurisprudence is that in instance of neglecting to supply informants. the colza victim will be charged of fornication ; the penalty for which is lapidating to decease.

One of the illustrations from countless instances is that of an incidence of lapidating to decease to a unsighted miss in 1980s. Her lone error was to describe that she was raped. But. unable to supply for the four pious Muslim semen male informants. she was charged of criminal conversation. Consequently. in this Islamic Republic of Pakistan. an inexperienced person was stoned to decease.

Does the above instance conform to the right and protection given by the fundamental law of Pakistan? Does Islam let unfairness of such an cold nature? The reply is no. but. such atrociousnesss are being done under the name of Islamic injunctions ; nevertheless. the hidden fact is that of a political nature. The society was soundless when the Hudood Ordinance was enacted. and it is still heedless of the brutality from some of its ain subdivisions of people.

Karo-Kari is one of those imposts related to fornication. A Kari is a adult female who is alleged to hold adulterous dealingss with a adult male called Karo. In a typical Birdari and caste system of our society. particularly in rural countries. if a adult female marries with her pick outside of her household relation — a offense of go againsting the Biradari unwritten regulation – so she is alleged to hold committed criminal conversation. The whole Biradari becomes willing to kill both of the hubby and the married woman under the stalking-horse of Karo-Kari.

Even the dead organic structure of the guiltless adult female is non given her due right of burying. She is interred in an stray and widespread topographic point without spiritual rites. In contrast. the Karo is given the right to be buried with spiritual rites.

Furthermore. hubbies. in-laws. and their relations besides victimize the adult female with allegation of fornication. In fact. the ground is their personal grudges and hostility for non conveying adequate dowery or non following the orders of in-laws. She could be killed any clip by her hubby or any of his relations under the stalking-horse of Karo-Kari usage.

Not merely the grownup adult female but besides baby misss of even months old are non spared from the clasps of retrograde imposts. Swara and Vaani are such sort of flagitious offenses that are profoundly upheld by the stone-age minded people.

In both of the imposts. the minor misss are given as compensation for the errors perpetrated by one of the members of the perpetrator household on the aggrieved 1. The village’s cult of louts called “Punchayat” leaded by seniors of small town. fundamentalist Mullahs. including any of our alumnus MPA take part in such Punchayats.

Many misss given under Vaani or Swara to the aggrieved household refused to get married at that place after achieving grownup age. CJ of the Supreme Court of Pakistan have taken suo motu action in this respect. Furthermore. misss every bit immature as 10 old ages of age are married with 60 old ages old adult male under such imposts.

The informations collected by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan reveals. “A adult female is raped after every two hours and gang-raped after every eight hr. For honor violent death. commission’s study says that in 2006. 565 adult females have been killed under Karo-Kari. Police do non take earnestly the offense of honor violent deaths ; as in 2005. there were 475 such instances. and constabulary was able to catch merely 128 accused.

Harmonizing to a study presented by the Interior Ministry. there have been 4100 honor violent deaths since 2001. The study besides criticizes that under ‘Qisas and Diyat” jurisprudence. the slayer could easy be forgiven after paying compensation for the blood of the dead.

The small town Punchayat is so last in its consciences that sometimes it orders to ravish the adult females of the perpetrator household as retaliation. Mukhtaran Mai is one of such victim who had been gang-raped because her brother was guilty of some wrong for which she was punished to be gang-raped. The jurisprudence enforcement bureaus denied her “right to register an FIR” because the felons were influentials.

Sometimes adult females are stripped and forced to walk naked in the small town for any offense of their household members. If she denies get marrieding with a household relation or raising her voice against her in-laws so she is subjected to mutilation of her organic structure by acid-throwing. For whatever grounds. her hubbies could viciously crush her any clip under any stalking-horse. Most of the clip. she was beaten and even killed for non holding a male babe kid.

Womans are besides exploited for the lone ground of being a adult female. With a high work load from morning to dusk. she was paid far less than what males acquire making less work. Furthermore. in our male dominant society. molestation and sometimes assail on her piousness during occupation are frequent incidents. If she reports such offenses so as a penalty. she is rusticated from her occupation. Therefore. most of the offenses against her remain unreported.

The bargainers of human flesh feat her wretchedness. Taking advantage of her indigence. they force some of the adult females on harlotry. Trafficking of adult females is besides a moneymaking concern for human sellers. Such adult females after traveling abroad work as domestic slaves under highly cold conditions or they are kept in whorehouses for the black concern.

Report by an NGO. the Lawyers for Human Rights and Legal Aid ( LHRLA ) says that in 2006. there were 7. 564 instances of force against adult females ; 1. 993 instances of anguish ; 1. 271 adult females were kidnapped ; 822 adult females committed self-destruction ; 259 were pack raped ; 119 were trafficked ; 144 booked under the Hudood Ordinances ; and 792 were killed in the name of award. The above informations are based on reported instances ; and because of unreported maltreatments. the existent offense rate is far more than what is reported.

Furthermore. most of the adult females have no pick of theirs in make up one’s minding the figure of babes to hold. Family planning is seen in a typical conservative society as against Islam. In instance of any medical exigency. when no female physician available for her aid. the Orthodox relations allow her to decease instead than to be provided assistance by a male physician. Thousands of adult female die per annum for non holding female physicians in medical installations.

Bing a female. cult of the fundamentalists largely in tribal and rural countries does non let her to acquire instruction. They say it is a western machination to do their adult females broad. With the coming of Talibanization. the girls’ schools are openly threatened to shut their centres else. their educational premises would be blasted. Such intelligence in North Western portion of Pakistan has become common today and several misss schools have been devastated by such offenses.

With all such atrociousnesss on bulk of adult females. there is some beam of hope for holding a subdivision of adult females to the full utilizing constitutional and spiritual rights. Such adult females are take parting in the development and advancement of Pakistan ; while to the full detecting the Islamic behaviour and behavior. they are working along with work forces in about all the domains of life. They are in military. economic system. wellness. political relations. constabulary. foreign services. jurisprudence. parliament and in fact every topographic point where it was impossible to believe of their presence few decennaries ago.

Recently. PAF ( Pakistan Air Force ) inducted in its services female pilots as commissioned officers. For the first clip in the history of Pakistan. a female. Shamshad Akhtar. has been appointed as Governor State Bank of Pakistan. In foreign services. Tasneem Akhtar is transporting out her responsibilities diligently as foreign office interpreter. Besides. her Excellence. Dr. Maliha Lodhi. is working as an embassador of Pakistan in UK.

Asma Jahangir. the president of the Human Rights Commissions of Pakistan. is celebrated for her brave attempts for alleviating the victims of Human Rights abuses in Pakistan At lower degree. adult females are running their ain concern as enterprisers ; working in gasoline pumps. eating houses. and managers ; take parting in political relations. In fact. there is a long list of adult females who are active and no less than their male coevalss are.

There are 234 adult females legislators sitting in our assemblies ; 18 in Senate ; 73 in National Assembly ; and 143 in Provincial assemblies. This is one of the first times in Pakistan’s history that adult females are given greater function to play in statute law. Several adult females are working in cabinet as curates in assorted authorities divisions. In Local Government system. 1000s of adult females are elected as councilors. city managers. deputy city managers. Nasreen Jalil. is Deputy city manager of CDGK ( City District Government Karachi ) .

Still. the figure of adult females basking some of their rights is below optimum. For the bulk. it is a distant dream to make up one’s mind for their ain pick of life spouse ; and it is a luxury for most of the adult females to avail medical installations for presenting a babe. However. attempts are being made both from the authorities and non-government sides to do better the predicament of the persecuted adult females.

After Independence. the first Commission on the Emancipation of Women was formed in 1955 ; the committee presented its study in 1961. but the authorities diluted several of its recommendations. However. in the same twelvemonth. president Ayub Khan promulgated “Family Law Ordinance” that gave non much but small alleviation to the adult females.

In 1975. Pakistan Women Rights Committee was formed which presented its study in 1976 without holding any consequence upon the power holders. Similarly. in 1981. Pakistan Commission on the Status of Women was founded that submitted its findings in 1985. However. the study was thrown into the ashcan due to Zia’s passion for implementing his ain version of Islamization.

After nine old ages. the “Commission of Inquiry for Women” was formed in 1994. The committee presented its study in August 1997. but it has gone to the same destiny as the old commissions’ studies.

The National Commission on Status of Women formed ( NCSW ) came into being in September 2000. The intent was to rede the authorities for eliminating Torahs prejudiced to adult females. The committee provided its elaborate study in 2003. The study presented a thorough and critical reappraisal of 1979 Hudood Ordinances and concluded that these Torahs are being used to mistreat adult females ; therefore. it asked for their revocation.

The power of the NCSW is restricted to merely for recommendations. Furthermore. it has been devoid of president for several months. The effectivity of the committee can non be enhanced unless it gets independent in its working. India has a committee of similar nature but it is rather powerful in oppugning and naming any senior authorities functionary. Therefore. it should be made equal on such terms as that of Indian committee.

In 1996. Pakistan internationally ratified Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ( CEDAW ) . The jurisprudence requires the authorities to take rigorous steps against any maltreatment that hinders adult females rights for freedom. equality. and justness. The jurisprudence is good in its portion for adhering the state in protecting rights of the adult females.

November 2006 is of import in alleviating adult females some of the atrociousnesss of Hudood Ordinances. Parliament passed “Protection of Women Rights Bill ( Criminal Laws Amendments ) ” ; the measure is an effort to procure the adult females from abuse of Zina and Qazf Torahs under Hudood Ordiances enacted by Zia in 1979.

Religious fundamentalists as usual opposed the transition of the measure and leader of resistance Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman said that the measure is “to bend Pakistan into a free-sex zone” . They criticized the Bill to be against Qur’an and Sunnah.

So much noise by spiritual bigots over rights of adult females is a norm in our society. The lone intent of such surges is to derive political Markss. In fact. the Bill do non necessitate a adult female to be punished – as the instance under Hudood Ordiance 1979 – if she fails to supply for 4 pious males like our spiritual fundamentalists. Furthermore. the measure requires the intercession of the session tribunal in instance the households pardon the perpetrators of colza or violent death by settling the difference outside the tribunal under Qazf. Furthermore. the measure made the offenses under Hudood Ordinances to be taken under Pakistan Penal Code ( PPC ) that gives the right to hold bond which 1979 Hudood Ordinance negated.

The authorities presented another measure on adult females rights “Prevention of anti-Women Practices Bill 2006 ( Criminal Law Amendment ) in December 2006. The measure contains the proposal of nine-member Ulema panel to alleviate adult females from some of the malpractices. Under Section 310A. the measure prohibits handover of adult females for settling a difference between groups. either under matrimony or as Vaani. Swara. Any misdemeanor of the Bill carries three-year prison term and mulct.

The 2nd measure on adult females rights besides protects the adult females from striping of the heritage in belongings. misdemeanor of which carries seven-year imprisonment under Section 498A ; force matrimony is regarded as punishable with three-year imprisonment and all right under Section 498B ; Section 498C prohibits matrimony with the Quran. those affecting such pattern are punishable with three-year imprisonment.

Women Action Forum was formed in Karachi in September 1981 in order to voice against ferociousnesss of Hudood Ordinances. Behind its formation. there was a instance in which a 15 twelvemonth old adult female was sentenced to welting because of marrying of her pick. Since so the forum took out many presentations and public consciousness runs for extinguishing the maltreatment of adult females rights in Pakistan. The forum has expanded its activities in major metropoliss of Pakistan.

Aurat Foundation formed in 1986 is working enthusiastically for the rights of adult females. The caput office is located in Islamabad. The organisation has its ain information and publication section that apprise the people the true worlds adult females confronting in Pakistan.

Given these facts. the Women in Pakistan do non possess their due rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Laws. The province is unable to protect the adult females from cold societal imposts prevalent in our society. The general population is silent over wicked patterns being carried out on adult females ; there is a great demand of their voice against anti-women patterns instead than organizing Torahs over Torahs. The lone demand is to wake people of Pakistan for the Protection of Women Rights.


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