If you had no one but women to put in the war to fight what would you do? Say no because you don’t think that women are capable of doing a man’s Job? Say no because women arena as strong as men? No, If anything you should say yes regardless of gender because this Is someone willing to loose their life for you. If you research ” Reasons women shouldn’t fight In war” you might see things like; weaker than men, big risk of being captured and raped, can’t take as much pain as a man could or can, too sensitive, and last but not least that “time of the month. With this being said to me the biggest concern for people is THINKING women arena capable f doing a man’s Job. Any women are capable of doing a man’s Job maybe even better. Yes it is a fact that women are usually smaller than men, but who said that they can’t get to a man’s level. Just like anyone else time and working out is what gets you strong. So if women work out and put as much effort into becoming as touch as a man or maybe even tougher why would that be a problem?

If a women is able to pass the same “APT” which Is the fitness test given In order to be in the military why would that give you the right to say that they aren’t strong enough. Clearly they are If hey are given the exact test as a man and pass It. Nothing Is brought down a notch Just because of gender If you can’t pass If more than likely you’re put Into a remedial program. Now It Is more than likely that women are put Into this group.

But In my eyes if you can do a man’s job why take that opportunity away from someone who wants to fight for her country? Also anything big argument brought up while discussing this is “That time of the month” which is reasonable considering that this could be an issue. But from what I have heard there is shot given to the men to educe their hormone while in war. So if men can get a shot why would it be a problem to have the women on birth control or on something that prevents them from having their periods.

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If that was considered that would clear up that problem, so you can’t say women’s menstrual cycle would be a problem for them while they are out fighting. Also even If they didn’t get a shot to stop their menstrual cycle while doing a lot of satellites this usually pauses or In some cases stops you from bleeding. And I’m sure with all of the running and physical fitness this would stop or slow down the menstrual cycle.


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