It is no secret that women throughout the world history have been regarded as the weaker sex and we are well aware that women abuse is a global disconcertment, affecting females of all ages, races and religions. This is where Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre comes into play. This well-recognised organization was established in 1996 to expose many of the issues faced by the South African women. Such problems include domestic violence, trafficking, gender discrimination and many violent cultural and traditional practices.

These circumstances aggressively affect employment opportunities which provide decent work, decent pay and decent working conditions, access to basic housing, healthcare, sanitation and education. Masimanyane’s Women’s Support Centre takes into consideration, all these violent actions and initiates corrective actions against them to advance human rights principles to ensure the fair and equal treatment of all citizens.

They achieve this by making use of rights-based approach and developing new knowledge. They also provide counseling and paralegal support to more than 150 000 women and girls to assist them in overcoming any obstacles they face in their daily course of lives. In addition to that, education and training is also provided to many affected women and community leaders to ensure the message is passed on to other women who battle to face their fears of dealing with these issues.

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Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre ensures to apply and fulfill the obligations stated in the South African Bill of Rights which entails some important provisions that should be complied with to maintain a peaceful life for women of South Africa. Before the introduction of Bill of Rights, the South African women were very disadvantaged in many spheres of life and no effective regulations existed to protect them. Although, after the introduction of the SA Bill of Rights, it brought about a revolution and recognized women as equal citizens But even now, unfair discrimination of women is practiced widely.

The Bill of Rights emphasizes the rights of each women and it also recognizes the many forms of abuse faced by women and encourages the protection of victims by promoting the concept of freedom and equality, human dignity, security, privacy, special rights for women and children. This is the beginning of protecting and advancing women’s rights in South Africa and should be continued in every possible manner required. Therefore, we see, that Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre is playing a very critical role in our society and this is credible work should be a moral for many of us as South Africans and more importantly, as fellow human beings.


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