Thank you for fall ining our lively. energetic work force.
If you require further inside informations sing any of the information below so delight reach the HR Manager.

( Amy Clark ) About us:

Sawmill UK Ltd was established 1962 and from the really get downing our moralss have remained the same. As a household tally concern we aim to be leaders in our field by providing high quality place adult lumber at the lowest possible monetary values. We are proud of our design accomplishments and fabrication capableness and we hope to be able to widen our catalogue of merchandises in the really close hereafter. We have 3 major rivals in this field and our end is to be the most trusty and popular of the three. it is critical that any determination you make within your new function does non endanger the good purposes of the concern.

Our Merchandises and Servicess:

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We manufacture all our merchandises on site from regular pieces of lumber bought from providers across the state. In our show country you will happen a scope of fencing. adorning. sheds and Gatess. All of our merchandises can be made to any form or size and we are proud to bring forth such high quality bespoke merchandises. We offer a free on-site client citation service with no duty to continue and we guarantee to crush any echt quotation mark. Our adept squad of fencing erectors and fitters are really capable and will be able to help you with any inquiries you may hold with respects to the manufacturing/ adjustment processs.

Our Customers

Our client base is built up of about 60 % shopkeepers and 40 % general public purchases. Each single sale is wholly different and as most of our merchandises are bespoke it is of import that all client petitions are to the full understood. As the director you will be expected to subscribe off occupation sheets before they are processed and issued to our histories squad. these must be signed by the client at the point of telling.

External Factors impacting Sawmill

Economic Influences:
Currency Exchange:
Although we do non presently buy lumbers straight from other states we are still affected by the rise and autumn of the exchange rate. As a consequence of this our United kingdom providers on a regular basis increase their monetary values in line with the euro.

Social Influences:
Occasionally we will see concerns raised from neighboring occupants sing the noise pollution produced from our sawmill. These concerns are passed to our environment squad who will measure these jobs. The film editing of certain lumber is restricted to certain times. delight look into this with the production operatives before get downing any extended proverb usage.

Manner and Tendencies:

Where possible we try to stock the latest advanced merchandises in peculiar fence preservative. The fact will ever be that clients expect a lumber construction such as a fencing or shed to last a lifetime even though this is unrealistic. It is our responsibility as portion of our desire to be leaders that we beginning the most practical. sustainable lumber and force per unit area dainty it with merchandises at the high terminal of the graduated table.

Technological Influences:


The members of the squad at the Sawmill are valued non merely based on their ability to fabricate high quality merchandises but to be advanced and to make full spreads in the market. New merchandises are invariably looking and it is critical that we beat our rivals to these. At present the new line of eco-fencing is keeping the limelight and although it is expensive it does assure length of service.

Legal Influences:

Industry Specific Regulation:

Recent ordinance alterations are posted on to the staff notice board every bit shortly as they become public. these alterations are discussed at the monthly meetings. The most recent alterations are elaborate below ; a ) Timber and lumber merchandises must non be stored or stacked within 4m of the chief edifice and workshops. B ) Stenna blades must merely be changed when the machine is being serviced by a regulated technician. Both of the above new regulatory alterations will impact our concern. The premises and yard infinite are non large plenty to hive away stock off from the edifice and it is impossible to acquire a proverb applied scientist out within 48 hours.

( cont…d )
Planing Regulations:

Designs must be made in conformity with edifice and planning ordinances. In peculiar when relation to fence hard-on as there are height limitations within certain boundaries.

Environmental Influences:
Green Belt:

Sawmill UK is located in WF3 which is a Greenbelt country. delight see information below: A green belt or greenway is a policy and land usage appellation used in land usage planning to retain countries of mostly undeveloped. wild. or agricultural land environing or neighboring urban countries. Similar constructs are greenbelts or green cuneuss which have a additive character and may run through an urban country alternatively of around it. In kernel. a green belt is an unseeable line encircling a certain country. forestalling development of the country leting wildlife to return and be established.

Beginning: ‘Wikipedia’

Flood Hazard:

Sawmill UK is besides located in a high inundation hazard country as it is situated 100m from the Bankss of the river Aire and Calder pilotage. It is of import that all squad members take warnings from the environment bureau really earnestly as a inundation can earnestly damage our out-of-door stock. We have assorted inundation hazard programs in topographic point in different countries of the workshop and office block so please familiarize yourself with these.


As the nature of the concern is out-of-door so delight guarantee you that you ever be after your occupation sheets around the conditions wherever possible. I realise that this can sometimes be impossible but a basic cheque of the predicted conditions for the undermentioned twenty-four hours will at least give you an thought of the badness of any utmost conditions.


The Sawmill has a big client base between March and September but is quiet during some Autumn/ Winter months. Garden design/ landscape gardening is considered to be a seasonal concern. During the summer months we must budget for the winter months.

Administration Structure

The Sawmill is owned by three people. one individual has the bulk of the portions and therefore the leading of the concern. Many determinations deemed to be greatly of import to the concern will be discussed by all three proprietors but in usual circumstance merely one individual will do executive determinations. As a comparatively little concern there are merely 12 employees each making different functions. We have merely one individual fabricating each of the undermentioned merchandises:

Role| Duties|

Fence Panel Maker| Takes occupation sheets from director to be completed by the terminal of each day| Sheds| Takes occupation sheets from director to be completed by the deadline| Bespoke Sheds/ Summer House| Takes occupation sheets from director to be completed by the deadline| Sawn Timber Sawyer| Takes a cutting list from the director to fix wood for the two shed makers| PSE Timber Sawyer ( Planed Square Edges ) | Takes a cutting list from the director to fix wood for the panel maker| General Sawyer| Will need to cut any petitions every bit good as guaranting that all sizes are in stock| Pressure Tank Operative| Must guarantee that all lumber is force per unit area treated and dried ready for the Sawyers|

In add-on to the production detailed above we have the undermentioned employees:

Role| Duties|
Yardman| General Maintenance and machine servicing|
Cleaner| Keeps all workshops clean. expanses sawdust. removes risky chemicals| Manager| Issues occupation sheets and ensures adequate running of the business| HR Manager/ Director| Overseas all general twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours responsibilities including HR| Forklift Operator| Operates the forklift on petition of the sawyers and managers|

It is critical that all 12 persons guarantee that they work to the tallness of their capablenesss as many of their functions rely on other people to make theirs right. Our employees have all been employed by us for many old ages. in fact our most recent new employee was eight old ages ago. Whilst this provides a close bond between co-workers it can besides be a major booby trap when alterations are introduced. There is an component of reluctance which is to be expected when the bulk of the employees have worked here for over 20 old ages.

The thought to look into enlisting now is portion of our ongoing sequence program in which we finally hope to enroll five new squad members who will finally supplant the older coevals. All of our staff have been given the chance to finish an anon. signifier to propose preparation that they may wish to make including classs and forklift preparation. These signifiers are monitored by the HR section.


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