The supervising of people at work toward production is an of import portion of an organizational procedure, in order to acknowledge the critical significance of employees in an administration is to recognize the consequence of the human component.

Most administrations more frequently than non see their employees as the footing of high quality and productiveness addition. The grade of effectivity of an administration is calculated through the strength of teamwork, motive at work and fulfilment derived with the domain of its influence. In order to do employee satisfied and committed to their work in the Nigerian industrial sector, there is demand for a strong and effective motive at different degree which enables them to bask their work and in bend leads to a favorable productiveness.

However, this research work focal point concentration on employee/workers because they are the bosom of the industry and it ‘s whole construction. The human resources facilitated with accomplishments, experience, attack and mind is the most of import factor in production activities. This research work vitally evaluates workers attack and perceptual experience of the inspirational factors every bit good as the relationship between motive and occupation satisfaction.


This reappraisal shall measure the undermentioned countries:

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Brief history of the Nigerian fabrication industries

Definition of footings

Benefits of occupation motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness

Schemes off actuating workers


The construct of work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness in the Nigerian fabrication industry sector has to make with the cosmopolitan believe that says the effectivity and satisfaction of workers is determined by the strength of the end product of an administration, taking into history the intent of this survey, which is fundamentally to critically measure workers approach and perceptual experience of inspirational factor every bit good as occupation satisfaction towards productiveness in the Nigerian fabrication industries.

There is a cosmopolitan believe that human existences are unsurprisingly lazy every bit far as work is concern and they are being forced to work in most province of personal businesss.

Aborisade and Obioha, ( 2009 ) . The grade at which human resources are used expeditiously depends on a measure of factors among which are the accomplishments which they get, their degree of cognition, how big sum they can deduce from partaking in productive exercising and many legion factors which performs important functions in productive activities. No affair the nature of most administrations, they will ever concentrate at accomplishing their corporate ends ; which makes such industry to last and the endurance will decidedly be of more importance to them. moreover, the accomplishment of any administration is often measured by the extent of its productiveness. Even though, this can be said to be independent on the attitude and morale of the workers in signifier of their degree of occupation satisfaction. Therefore, every house or industry must non disregard any factor that contributes positively to the productiveness of workers.


The cardinal words in this research work are work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness.


Motivation is indispensable psychological science process that goes along with penetration, personality, attitude and acquisition. Motivation is the direction procedure of pull stringsing behaviors based on the cognition of what makes people tick. Luthans ( 1998 ) declares that motive is the procedure that stimulates, energizes, directs and sustains behaviors and public presentation, that is, it is the procedure that excites people to action and to achieve a undertaking wished for. To this consequence, one of the ways of exciting people is to use effectual motive which makes member of staffs more satisfied with their occupation and in bend addition the degree of productiveness in such administration.

Jobber, D. ( 2004 ) .The construct of motive prevarications in the correlativity between demands, thrusts and ends. The cardinal procedure involves demands that set forces in gesture ( want with way ) to accomplish ends ( anything that alleviates a demand and reduces a thrust ) .motives can be grouped into five classs harmonizing to Maslow.

Physiological: the fundamental of endurance, e.g. hungriness or thirst.

Safety: protection from the unpredictable occurrence in life.

Belongingness and love: nisus to be accepted by those to whom we feel near, and to be an of import individual to them.

Esteem and position: strive to accomplish a high standing relation to other people: a desire for prestigiousness and a high repute

Self-actualization: the desire for self-fulfilment in accomplishing what one is capable of for one ‘s ain interest.


Job satisfaction is depicted as an gratifying emotional province which arises from the assessment of one ‘s occupation and besides an emotional response to one ‘s occupation.

Weiss ( 2002 ) argues that occupation satisfaction seems more of an attitude and it points out that research workers should obviously distinguish the intent of cognitive appraisal which affects beliefs and behaviors.

JOB SATISFACTION: is the result of workers perceptual experience of how good their occupation provides those things that are viewed as of import.

Luthan ( 1998 ) says that there are three ( 3 ) of import facets to occupation satisfaction:

Job satisfaction can be perceived as an emotional reaction to a occupation circumstance, as such it can be seen, and it can merely be inferred.

Job satisfaction is largely determined by how good one ‘s result is met or exceeds outlooks. For case, if workers in an administration feels they are being treated in a good mode and being rewarded equitably, so the employees are likely to hold optimistic attitude and behavior towards their occupation and frailty versa.

Job satisfaction represents legion related attitudes which are more of import features of a occupation about which people have effectual response.


Productivity is a step of output from a production procedure per unit of input, for illustration, labour productiveness is typically measured as a ratio of end product per labour-hour and input. Productivity is the sum of end product produced comparative to the sum of resources, that is, clip and money that is invested into the production processes.

Jobber, D. ( 2004 ) .Productivity is normally calculated or measured in footings of the degree of value-added activities contributed per employee and/or per figure of hours worked. By increasing productiveness in footings of value- added that is contributed per employee or per hours of labor input, a house can be anticipating to bask an addition in profitableness.


In peculiar, labour/workers productivity for industries involves taken into consideration the quality of labor, capital strength, acquisition of engineering, larning expensive and internal competition.


Work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness in the fabrication sector leads to the followers:

Increase net income border

Industry accomplishment


Responsibility ( increased degree of duty )

Sense of belonging

Work itself.



As a consequence of the demand to actuate workers ;

T he following are the schemes to actuate workers.

Salary, rewards and state of affairs of service: to utilize wages as a incentive efficaciously, forces directors must set into consideration the following four ( 4 ) major constituents, personal and particular allowances and periphery and benefit such as vacations with wage, pension and so on.

Money: AKINTOYE ( 2000 ) asserts that money remains the most of import motivational scheme.

Staff preparation: high productiveness of an administration purely depends on the degree of motive and the effectivity of the work force. One of the indispensable scheme for actuating workers is staff preparation.

Information Available and communicating: handiness of relevant information arouses motive on its ain.



The followers are the research inquiry:

What are the relationship between work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness of the fabrication industries?

What are the differences between work motives of senior staffs and junior staffs?

Will at that place be differences in productiveness in the fabrication industry based on their twelvemonth of experience?

What are the consequence of occupation satisfaction between the different degrees in the in the Nigerian fabrication sector?

What are the schemes of actuating workers?



The General aim of this survey is to critically analyze the consequence of work motive, occupation satisfaction on industrial productiveness in the Nigerian fabrication sector.


In order to run into the general aims, this survey will concentrate on the following specific aims:

To critically place and look into the factors that motivates workers within the Nigerian fabrication industry.

To measure the relationship between work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness in the fabrication industry.

To research the connexions between workers attitude and their perceptual experience of the motivational factor in the work topographic point

To find how workers low motive affects their occupation satisfaction and productiveness

To urge a manner of heightening occupation motive with a position of developing a public presentation betterment theoretical account that will give impacts on workers ‘ productiveness.

4. ) Research Plan







For the intent of this research, this research will follow both qualitative and quantitative method of informations aggregation utilizing study method of both interview and questionnaires to analyze workers attitude and perceptual experience in the Nigerian fabrication industry utilizing one of the taking fabrication house in Nigeria ; Vita foam Nigeria PLC as its instance survey. The proposed research will do usage of the questionnaires for the low degree employees in the industry while interviews will be conducted for the top functionary and managers of the house. Based on this research program, series of inquiries will be asked in order to accomplish the chief purposes and aims of the survey.


This survey will be carried out within Lagos city of Nigeria.


Datas collected from the field will be used to run into the research workers aim and aims and reply the research worker ‘s inquiries at the same clip. Data ‘s and information ‘s from the respondent through the usage of interview will be transcribe, synthesized and arranged in order to run into the purpose of the survey, information ‘s gathered from the questionnaire will be analysed utilizing statistical tools and besides, informations ‘s gathered through written records and observations will be analysed, sorted and reported.


As reference above, the survey propose to do usage of both primary and secondary informations aggregation method of qualitative and quantitative techniques



Secondary informations.


The interview is one of the informations aggregation methods that will be used to obtain of import information for this research. The interview inquiries that will be designed for these research work is an in-depth interview usher ( IIG ) .The staff selected to be interviewed are the senior or the in-between degree staffs for the ground of holding adequate cognition to portion on the consequence of work motive, occupation satisfaction and productiveness in the house.

KEY INFORMANT INTERVIEW ( KII ) : Cardinal informant interview will be conducted utilizing a cardinal informant usher ( KIG ) . The interview is designed to make an interaction avenue between the research worker and the experts or knowledgeable about the construct and jobs of the research.


A structured questionnaire instrument will be used to garner quantitative information for the survey. The intent of the questionnaire is to roll up information on the workers attitude towards work, workers perception, degree of satisfaction and productiveness in the industry.


Based on this survey, the research worker would do usage of secondary informations collected from assorted beginnings, which include the intensive usage of Coventry University ‘s library resources as my secondary beginning of information.


The restrictions of this survey will be based on the figure of respondent and the analysis of the informations will be based on the response of the respondent.

The research work can be limited in footings of Generalisation because of the fact that a instance survey is involved and it can be argued that the result of the research will be specific to merely vita froth Nigeria Plc stand foring fabricating industries in Nigeria. The dependability of replies from the questionnaire is a really of import issue to look into because the consequence of the information ‘s from the administered questionnaire will be the footing for research work.

Another restriction on this research is the location of the survey, which involve motion from the United Kingdom to Nigeria to transport out the research work.

6. ) ETHICAL Consideration

Research ETHICS.


Research Ethical motive

Based on this research work, the Coventry University ethical conformities procedure shall purely adhered to and the ethical conformities signifier will every bit be completed. During the readying of my interview and questionnaire inquiries, I would acquire inputs from the supervisor and the concluding bill of exchange of the interview inquiry would be subjected to my supervisor ‘s blessing.

My interview would get down by seeking the consent of the pull offing manager of Vita froth Nigeria Plc by explicating the intent of my research work.

I would do certain that respondents would be treated reasonably and the information collected would be treated confidentially and it will merely be for the intent of this research work.


I promise to adhere purely to the Coventry university Business school regulations and ordinances of plagiarism and hence, commendations and quotation marks will be respected, words constructed by others used by the research worker will be quoted and acknowledged,


Below is a Gantt chart to sketch the awaited clip to be taken for my research undertaking.


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