World War II a war that left a scar on the earth and its inhabitants. It was a long fought battle filled with sorrows but peace prevailed in the end. But it took painful sacrifices to reach the end of it and grab the freedom that people deserved. Now let us talk about how everything started and what caused such a war to happen. It was on a Sunday on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941 on when it was least expected Japanese aircrafts started bombing the U.S. Navy. Everyone was caught by surprised that no one really had the chance to fight back let alone defend themselves. This was a scene of utter destruction no man has ever witnessed. U.S. battleships sinking, people drowning, soldiers crying for help, burning victims, ruthless Japanese bombers, this was Pearl Harbor. This disaster was not over yet when a few days later, Germany declared war on the United States of America. The U.S. finds itself in a global war. After attacking Pearl Harbor, Japan was successfully raiding country after country. Eliminating anyone that gets in its way. But Japan was one of the problems U.S. had to deal with. Germany was a much larger threat to the Americans. Their leader is Adolf Hitler a brutal powerful man. He rose to power and brought the once fading country of Germany back to life. Rebuilding the country to be a powerhouse that the world would come to acknowledge. Hitler was also successfully gaining new territories in Europe. Great Britain’s Prime minister at that time, Winston Churchill and President Franklin Roosevelt met up to discuss a battle strategy. This meeting was known as the “Casablanca Meeting”. They needed an effective strategy as soon as possible so they decided to deal with the Nazi’s first and take out Japan after. Churchill and Roosevelt realized that they had to get into France and Italy. Invade it and slowly take back territories Germans took. Allies had to make an “amphibious invasions” of France and Italy. It took a lot of painful sacrifices and hard fought battle to be able to penetrate the German lines. The battle of D-day, one of the famous battles known to man in which a lot of young soldiers died. This battle was a huge victory to the allies. The allies was gradually winning and slowly weakening Hitler’s reign. After taking over Hitler’s territories, he had one last major offensive attempt. This battle is known as “The Battle of The Bulge” this battle determined Hitler’s fall. The Nazi’s finally crumbled down but the war is still not over yet. The U.S. still had to deal with the Japanese in the Pacific. A war with the Japanese is the hardest war and the bloodiest war. Japan is solely based of military. They are willing to die for their country without any second thoughts. This is what made them really hard to fight against because even though you have them surrounded they will keep fighting till their last breath. Japanese had occupied a lot of islands in the pacific so a lot of the battles were fought in little islands. A strategy called as “island hopping” was used in this time of war. It means just like it sounds, soldiers move from island to island. This was introduced in the Battle of The Coral Sea which eventually saved Australia. Another battle strategy Americans used was naval battles. This was during the decisive Battle of Midway. This was the turning point of the war. After suffering great loss, Japan still is not planning on surrendering. General Douglas MacArthur said that invading Japan will be a huge loss of troops reaching over a million. President Franklin Roosevelt died in office in which Vice President Truman had to replace him. He was left with a huge responsibility and a huge decision making. The past years U.S. had been developing a top secret project known as “The Manhattan Project” in which was the development of the atomic bomb. When the Japanese kept resisting, President Truman warned them to surrender or suffer “prompt and utter destruction.” But Japanese did not listen so the president had no choice. The first atomic bomb dropped in the town of Hiroshima, in August 6, 1945. This was something the world has never seen before. It killed over 80,000 people and injuring thousands more. Even after suffering such great loss, the Japanese still will not surrender. A few days later in August 9, 1945 the second bomb was dropped. Finally caused Japan to surrender and face defeat. This was not a clean way to win the war but it was the action required to finish the job. Now let me share my own opinion on the topic whether taking down Germany first was the wisest decision or not. It sure was the right decision to initiate. Germany was growing stronger and was already a world threat. Japan was still a controllable factor at that time. More people would have died if Germany was not taken out first. So yes I believe that Germany was a number one priority to handle.


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