China during the Qin and Han dynasties and the Mediterranean during the Roman Empire were similar socially and politically because they both had patriarchate. hierarchy. and a centralised authorities. One facet that differed was artistically. China focused on visuals such as images. While Rome dealt with more 3-dimensional thoughts such as sculpture and architecture. Most of the civilisations that we studied therefore far hold some type of societal category and inequality between the citizens. In both the Chinese and Roman societies. they both maintained societal categories. In the Han and Qin dynasties. the societal categories were divided by doctrine. For illustration. Confucianism. Confucianism is the thought that people should hold regard for one another and it is better to be a gentleman than merely a normal individual. If you were a scholar-gentry were considered to be upper classman. You would be the people regulating society. Changes in societal category were wholly out of the inquiry.

In the Roman Empire. they didn’t stress hierarchy. You were either upper or a lower category citizen. You could alter your rank in societal category. However. one thing that they both stressed was how adult females were low-level to hubbies and male parents. In China. adult females were expected to be diffident. coy. obey. and be a stay at place female parent. The intervention towards adult females was much harsher in Chinese society that it led to internalise patriarchalism. Women started experiencing as if they were inferior to work forces. In both China and the Roman Empire. there was a centralised authorities. which helped unify the people. For illustration. in the Qin dynasty was responsible for making a interaction between authorities and civilization. There were nose counts done to find the resources. The authorities besides created an official linguistic communication which was Mandarin uniting everyone.

This created a basic linguistic communication which everyone could pass on in. As for the Roman Empire they unified people but it was much more or amusement or amusement. They made bowls. public bathes. sold inexpensive nutrient. and gladiator competitions. Equally good as festivals. ceremonials to honour the Gods. and bread and circuses. This was done largely to deflect the citizens. However. they did take on other undertaking to such ad edifice roads commercialism ( World Civilizations ; page 94 ) . One thing that was clearly different in China and the Roman Empire was the artistic facets. In China they were more interested in art that made every item base out.

Their manners of art consisted of Chinese penmanship. forms. and symbols. In add-on. they were interested in verse forms and narratives with doctrine of Confucianism ( World Civilizations text edition ; page 51 ) . While in the Roman Empire. what caught their attending was Hellenic civilization. For illustration sculpture and architecture. The elephantine memorials which had Doric. Ionic. and Corinthian columns. Equally good as building bowls. domes. rectangular edifices. temples. and public bathes. The Romans didn’t truly have any of their ain findings. All of their art was based on the Grecian civilization ( World Civilzations text edition ; page 94 ) . China during the Han and Qin dynasties and the Mediterranean during the Roman Empire were the same politically and socially. However. the differed artistically.

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