In the film ‘World Trade Center’, Stone also uses two types of sound; Diegetic (the characters and audience can hear) and non-diegetic (only the audience can hear).

One of the diegetic sounds that Stone uses is the roaring sound of the plane flying towards the buildings. This effect can be heard by the people but nobody knows what the roaring sound is, because nobody could see it. The thunderous sound of the plane makes people feel worried as you can see in the trailer and people begin to panick and wonder what the chilling sound was.

One of the non-diegetic sounds that Stone uses is the soundtrack that only the audience can hear. The soundtrack is a very sad, and a moving piece of music. The soundtrack is also in a minor key which means the piece of music uses notes which sound eerie and rather depressing instead of notes which sound happy (major key).

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The use of the minor key which makes it a sad piece of music represents the sadness and disaster that took place that day.

The Soundtrack is played throughout the whole of the trailer which makes more of an impact on the film and makes the trailer more emotional.

Stone also uses two types of lighting in the film ‘World Trade Center’; High key lighting and low key lighting.

A great example of where Oliver uses High key lighting and low key lighting is at the start of the trailer.

The trailer begins using high key lighting; it shows a normal bright sunny day which represents happy people starting their day in New York City to a sudden change of very low key lighting; everyone looks depressed and the sky was ashen and filled with thick, heavy dark, plumes of smoke along with the dust and debris; that signalled descrution.

Overall I think that Stone’s choice of characters was excellent. I think that John and Will represent all the caring, heroic firefighters who tradgically lost their lives on that day by putting their lives second, and the needs of others first.

I think that Oliver Stone was definatley right in making the film ‘World Trade Center’. I feel that it pays a lot of respect to all the people who tradgically lost their lives.

I also feel that the film was in memory of all the heroes who died fighting to save other people, therefore they should be remembered in history for their heroic acts.

However, some people saw the ‘World Trade Center’ film as a way of Oliver Stone making money out of devastating attack that took place. I totally disagree and think that Stone is a very thoughtful man because infact all the money went to the family’s who had lost their loved ones and the people who are now seriously injured due to the tradgidy.

I also think that Oliver made the public aware of how a group of evil minded terrorists could cause such utter devastation and destruction.


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