The advances in technology have become ordinary circumstances in modern society. It is hard to believe that less than half a century ago, computers were born. These new toys were created so that life would be made simpler for human kind. Yet, scientists and engineers refused to stop at such a simple creation as the computer. They sought the extreme boundaries of what circuits and wires could produce. Faster was better and scientists came up with machines that could do 2-3 times the work of a normal person given the same time frame. Today, technology has reached a high.

It has become a pivotal role in society. World wide, computers take refuge in households, business’, and even schools. They have become as common as a toothbrush. However, technology is not merely defined by computers. Clocks, banking machines, radios, and many more appliances run on computerized chips. Little bits of technology that we take for granted are all of the same making. The world has come to a point where it relies on technology to make life easier. The more humans progress, the more technology will be available for creating a relaxed lifestyle.

At this rate, the years ahead will prove to be the age of technology. It will reach a stage where human skills and trades will be obsolete. Every year, millions of jobs are being replaced by bits of technology that can do the same amount of work for little, if any, cost. Jobs such a hydro, banking, even baking have been taken over by computer chips. Very soon, people will realize that the very thing they created to make life easier is creating a life of its own. Computers have become a species. They inhabit a great majority of the Earth and have now migrated to countries both small and large.

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If people let technology get out of hand, it could very well take over society in its subtle but deadly way. In the future, technology will play a bigger role than ever in the function of society. As it stands, people use technology to store large amounts of information, to produce a variety of commodities, and even to write the words that have just been read. It is obvious that technology has taken over society. However, this is not a publicized headline because no one would ever think that a computer could take over a planet.

It would be an outrageous theory and no one would fall for it. Yet, a professional business could not function without the aid of at least one computer. A school could not keep track of students’ records without the aid of technology. The list could go on and on. If society did not have technology, there is no way it could function in harmony. Without technology, there would be chaos. Technology will either replace all of the jobs available to mankind and therefore diminish the need for human existence, or technology can defect and be useless, leaving behind a bewildered society.

In either scenario, technology wins the battle. It is an unspeakable fate, yet, such a real idea. This is a world where over-population and warfare are main concerns. No one has the slightest thought that technology will soon reign over the Earth but the possibilities are eminent. Technology can so easily be turned against their creators and when that day comes, everyone will realize that the instruments once used to help fight wars and produce so much, were the same instruments that won the war to existence.


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