Once upon a clip there was a male child his name was Sonish he was a fantastic bowler and so he heard from his friends that there was a MCA choice in church gate he thought that if he is a good bowler he can go to the choice he ran and told his ma that there mca choice his ma told ‘okay but where did you saw that’ Sonish told ‘I heard from my friends’ ma told ‘okay so Sonish told ‘yes’ he ran and stand on the line and but he was worried because there alder people than him but still he told himself to non give up so he went inside so his bend came and he bowled it was a yorker but the batsman easy defensed it but still he had assurance once more the same bowl and he was bowled the Judgess were impressed with him the following two bowls were short length so the following two bowls were full length. Then the sir told ‘you bowled good met Bhuvneshwar Kumar from tomorrow he will be your coach’ Sonish told ‘ok sir but I am selected’ if I told you come tomorrow agencies you are selected. The following twenty-four hours I came kumar sir told ‘that first tally and so we will make net pattern ok’ I was the first won to complete and so I went to sir and state ‘I finished’ so sir told ‘quick we have to make net pattern I bowled the six bowls really good after 10 yearss of pattern sir told ‘Sonish tomorrow we have to travel to Kandivali you have been selected for a tourney fast Sonish was really happy the following twenty-four hours he went with his fantastic bowling his squad went to the concluding and the concluding was interesting we were bowling first Sonish took three wickets and the mark was 35 in 6overs the mark was 24-6 I came and hit two 6s and finished the game and remembered in Maharashtra cricket association so after a twelvemonth Sonish once more came back and everyone were toasting him because he won many awards in three tri-series ; Ranji Trophy and first category cricket.

Then he came to kumar sir and told ‘sir I did my occupation and came now what is left for me to do’ sir told ‘now you have to acquire the under-19 universe cup’ Sonish told ‘ok sir I will seek my best’ after 10 yearss the first u-19 lucifer was there it was India vs. Australia India won the flip and take to bowl foremost so Sonish was from the stump the first over went first-class for the Indian squad so following the first O over till the 50th over the mark for the Indians was 234 in 50 overs it was easy undertaking if we play the game earnestly we won the game really easy like this lone we won the coming 8 games so India came in the semi- finals are lucifer was vs. south Africa they were an easy squad if we play really serious cricket good they were batting foremost they set a mark of 280 we had to acquire a good start and so I merely didn’t see but all of a sudden are score came to 275 so a large six and we won it was a difficult mark but we still got it in 45. 5 overs this was the best lucifer of all time for India [ concluding lost by the Indians ] so I was the presentation ceremonial in that I got the best bowler award through the tourney. The best athletics cricket the best thing in the universe


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