Goals of the tactical marketing plan

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Description of the target group

Description of the product

Analysis of the used research methods



  2.1       Target group analysis

  2.2       Destination



  3.1      Marketing objectives

  3.2      Planning marketing communication


Marketing tactics

  4.1 Product

  4.2 Place

  4.3 Price

  4.4 Promotion

      4.4.1 What
do we want to achieve and how?

Offline marketing tools

Online marketing tools


Evaluation and








We are 4
international tourism management students who have been tasked with setting up
a tactical marketing plan. We were contacted by a spa/Hotel resort called
“Yakusagi” located in Stockholm, Sweden.

The people
over at Yakusagi want to open up a new spa resort on the Island of Koh Samui.
We have been tasked with setting up a tactical marketing plan for the first 2
years of the opening of the spa resort.


1.    Introduction


1.1  Goals of the tactical marketing plan

The goal of the spa in Koh Samui is to set up a
well-functioning counterpart of the location in Sweden. In order for this to be
realized the spa has to reach certain numbers. The spa will start opening in
the latter quarter of 2017 and will open officially on the first of January
2018. The goal of the spa is to have a 70% occupancy rate on average. This,
however, is not a viable goal to reach in the first year. Yakusagi will be
satisfied with an occupation rate of 60% in 2019 and hopes to reach 70% in
2020. The problem here is how to attract visitors to our spa.


1.2  Description of target group

The main focus of Yakusagi
will lie on Swedish women. More specifically single Swedish women around the
ages of 30 to 50. These women are in a later stage of their life and usually
have more to spend, a viable target group for a luxury spa far away from home.
To be able to afford this you have to put in hard work. Another part we will
focus our attention on, making sure the hard-working women can get a
well-deserved rest.


1.3  Description of the product

Yakusagi is a luxury spa
located on the beaches of Laem Yai. At Yakusagi different types of massages and
treatments are offered. These include but are not limited to: Thai massages,
Swedish massages and Japanese massages. Different types of programs are offered
too. Yakusagi offers 3, 5 and 7-day programs. These are: a balance program, a detox
program, relaxation program and a pain relief program. These programs have the
same price for every duration, namely:

3 days: 5.900 SEK per person

5 days: 8.900 SEK per person

7 days: 11.900 SEK per person



1.4  Analysis of the used research methods

During our complete research
of the tactical marketing plan we used multiple methods. We decided what method we would
use based on what kind of information we were looking for or what kind of examples we
were dealing with. For example when researching our target group we mostly used desk
research. But we also used models form the course book and others sources from the
internet to back up our research.



2.    Analysis


2.1  Target group analysis

“Swedish outbound travelers are
adventurous and well-travelled individuals making some 15.9 million trips in
2013. Swedes typically seek out destinations offering warm and sunny climates
and value for money, but cultural experiences are also important to this
sophisticated traveler.”


– Jessica Kelly, Senior Tourism Analyst


Our target group is represented by
the single Swedish women, who are looking for an escape from their exhausting
day to day life, spa lovers, females who want to take care of their mental and
physical health. We advise the Yakusagi managers to focus their attention on
women aged between 25 and 55 years old because, according to Statistics Sweden,
in 2015, this group had the highest employment rate among Swedish population.

Figure 1. – Employment rate for
persons aged 20-64, by age, 1987, 2000, 2015

 Consequently, this target group is most likely
to afford a holiday at the Yakusagi Spa Resort in Koh Samui on account of the
income that single Swedish women have. This aspect can be clearly seen in
Figure 2.

Figure 2. – Total income for persons without
children, by age, 2014


the past years, technology had an impressive growth and development, having a
great impact on our daily lives. This can be seen also in the consumer
behavior, especially when it comes to booking a holiday. Nowadays, the customer
journey starts most of the time online, just by using our smartphones.
Therefore, it is most probably that people from Sweden, especially hard working
women with a busy daily life, will do the same.




2.2  Destination analysis

Thailand represents one of the most
popular holiday destinations, standing out with its high quality spas and its
diversity regarding massages and other wellness products. This is the main
reason why it is considered Asia’s Spa Capital. (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2017)


Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh
Samui is the second largest island after Phuket, with a continuously growing
number of visitors. Its beautiful and plentiful nature, together with its
unique beaches, attract visitors from all over the world. Two of the most
popular beaches are Chaweng and Lamai, situated on the east cost of the island,
while in the northern part there are more quite, isolated but still very
attractive beaches. (Wikipedia, n.d.)


The biggest concentration of spa
resorts can be found in the north-eastern, where the Ko Samui Airport is
located, making the accessibility very facile. However, not only the airport
surroundings are being  filled with
numerous wellness centers, but also the entire cost od the island.



Figure 3. Ko Samui Spa resorts –
Google maps







Marketing strategy

3.1  Marketing objects

3.2  Planning marketing communication



























Marketing tactics

Every marketing mix has to be about
the 4p, the Product, the Place, the Price and the Promotion. We decide to
analyze each part.


4.1  Product

Swedish company Yagusagi is going to open a new spa and wellness resort in
Thailand on the coast of Koh Samui. The spa is directly connected to Laem Yai
Beach in the North East of Koh Samui. The resort will offer a lot of different
options in order to make it affordable to everyone.

resort will have two pools, 5 massage cabins, 5 air conditioned treatment rooms
and three different types of massages: Swedish, Japanese and Thai.

are also ging to pay attention on the restaurant part. In fact our professional
cookers will offer two different menus, a special diet and a normal. All the
restaurants are going to be with an amazing view on the sea.

rooms are going to be really luxurious with 2 beds of 90cm, a big bathroom with
a separate toilet, a walk-in closet, a special system of air conditioning and a
dock for smartphones. Of course every single room of our resort will have an
amazing view o the beach.

will not only offer hotel rooms, massages and other activities but we will
create special packages for our guests. When a guest wants to book a stay in
our resort he can choose between a package of three, five or seven days. They
can also extend their stay afterwards by paying an extra fee.

but not least we also offer to our clients theme programs. All the programs
include one massage treatment, one activity, unlimited water and tea for all
the holiday and a stay in one of the luxurious hotel rooms. The four different
programs are listed below:



•            Balance program:

this program they offer shiatsu, Thai massages, deep tissue massages, yoga
lessons, meditation, reflexology, dietary advice and 3 light fresh meals per

•            Detox program:

program is all about detoxing, which means cleaning your body. In this program
they offer massages with detoxing oils, optional heat therapy and acupuncture

• Relaxation

program is all about relaxation. Here they offer air wellness massages of the
feet, hands, neck and back. Beside the massages guest are also welcome to yoga
and/or meditation sessions.

•            Pain relief program:

you’re always in a lot of pain, this program might help to relief that pain. In
the pain relief program, Yakusagi offers Thai massages, reflexology,
acupuncture sessions, heat therapy, food advice and three meals a day.


general the whole spa will concentrate in making a special stay for our
clients, who will be surrounded by luxury elements. From the furniture to all
the facilities and the treatments, everything will be luxurious. Since our
target group are single Swedish women who want to escape from their busy life
in Sweden, their stay has to be relaxing and they have to leave our spa
regenerate and with a better feeling of their selves. Underneath you can find a
mood board that can give you an idea of the experience we want to offer.







4.2  Place


































4.3  Price

of the many factors to be considered, pricing decisions can be complex. There
is often uncertainty about customers, distributors and competitors’ reactions
to price. Still, as with other marketing decisions, the customer is the ideal
place to start in price setting, as
he is dominant influence on price. The key question is how much money the
product or service is worth to the buyer”.

this reason, we offer different types of packages with different prices. We
want that all our target group can afford this kind of holiday, so we took a
look of the average of the monthly salary in Sweden in 2016. In the graph below
you can see the results of our research.



packages go from the lower with the price of 6000 SEK, for three days, to the
highest with the price of 12000 SEK for seven days. We also decided to offer a
middle option with a stay of 5 days which cost 8900 SEK. Anyway if a client
wants to stay more nights she can pay more and extend her stay with just
additional costs.


price decision took us a lot of time but for what we offer the price is really
worth it.

we know the price that is present to clients should be carefully analyzed. In
creating the ideal price for our product we need to have a better understanding
of the needs and wants of our clients. With an income of 29.500 SEK average
monthly salary we think that a single working woman who wants to escape the
busy daily routine can afford our resort in Koh Samui.


decided to analyze some information about the cost of life for a tourist in
Thailand to understand better if our price was the right one. The average daily
cost per person per day is 57€ which means 559,94 SEK. The average cost for one
week in Thailand is 396€ which means 3890,11 SEK. This are cheap costs so we
understand that maybe our packages are a bit expensive. But our product offers
high luxury treatments in a really amazing resort. If we look at the average
cost for a luxury holiday in Thailand all the prices change. The average cost
per one week per one person is 1172€ that means 11512,91 SEK. As you can see is
really close to the price we set for our seven days package.


if a woman of our preset target group wants to experience a luxury vacation
with all the best benefits our 12000 SEK package would suits her perfectly.












4.4  Promotion


4.4.1    What do we
want to achieve and how?

successful marketing strategy demands much more than developing and launching a
good product or service. Even if a product is marketed at the right price and
sold through the right distribution channels, success is by no means
guaranteed. Effective communication with the target market is an essential part
of marketing programmes requiring a carefully developed promotional strategy.”


main purpose of our campaign is to reach 60% of occupancy rate in one year, and
for doing this we need to make Swedish women aware of the existence of the
Yakusagi Spa&Wellness Resort in Thailand.

objective of the communication marketing objective might also be to make the
target group change attitudes towards the brand and stimulating the buyer’s

after raising awareness of the Yakusagi spa in Thailand, probably another aim
of the marketing plan is to persuade potential buyers to visit the spa, trying
to influence their attitudes and behavior in the consumer’s journey.


everyone spends a lot of time on media tools such as Instagram, Facebook or
Twitter. At the same time everyone likes listening to music or watching tv
during their free time. Anyways we have to focus on our target group that in
their daily routine life maybe go to work every morning with public transport
and they look around, so they would probably notice a nice advertisement on the
bus or on the train.


this reason we decided to promote our resort on different platforms:

– TV advertisement

– Public Transports

– Social Media

– Spotify






4.4.2    Offline
marketing tools


– Elle magazine

we think about our target group we imagine them having a hard work life.
Probably sometimes they want to escape their daily routine and do something for
their selves and so they maybe go to the hair dresser for example.  Most of the women are really interest in
beauty and fashion so while they are waiting, or while the hairdresser is
cutting their hair it is possible that they enjoy reading magazines. For this
reason, we think it would be smart to advertise in the Swedish edition of ELLE
magazine. From statistics we can see that women between the age of 18 and 49
read this magazine. About 43% of these readers are single which we specify on
in our target group.

cost of placing an advertisement on this magazine depends on the size but it
could cost between 777.500 SEK and 1.880.000 SEK.

is a Swedish travel magazine. According to the magazine itself, the
advertisements have a lasting impact, meaning they are saved, shared and reread
by people. An advertisement in Vagabond will cost between 2500 SEK and 45.000
SEK depending on the size of the advertisement.

– Vagabond
travel magazine

statistics we can see that the Vagabond travel magazine is read by a lot of
people and the advertisements have usually a lasting impact and most of the
time they are saved, shared and reread by people. Putting and advertisement on
this magazine would cost between 2500 SEK and 45000 SEK.


4.4.3    Online
marketing tools


statistic beneath shows a survey on frequency of listening to music on Spotify
in Sweden in 2017, by gender.




can see that 68% of the respondents of Swedish women use Spotify. 49% use
Spotify from several times a day to several times a week.

we know non payed Spotify has advertisements in between a song and another.
Sometime you just have to listen to a 15 seconds advertisement on something but
there is also the option of watching an small clip for maybe 30seconds in order
to have 30 minutes music without any advertisement.

idea is to create a nice small clip which shows the best spots of our Resort
and explains briefly what we offer.


you are a Swedish woman who is tired after a whole day at work in a caotic
city, maybe Stockholm, and you are laying on the couch after dinner listening
to some good music for relaxing a little bit. And in a certain point the add
pops out. I’m sure you would be interested in knowing more about the
Spa&Wellness Resort, so maybe we can put our website at the end of the
clip, so you can just click on it and be directly linked to our
Spa&Wellness Resort main page.

advantage of Spotify is that they let you listen to the same advertisement more
than once which makes the listeners more likely to remember.

gives you the opportunity to start a campaign and this is possible starting at
a price of 2000 SEK.


















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