Finally the time had come for her to leave. My sister, my very own sister, with whom I has laughed, cried, played, fought and shared a room with whole my life, was getting married. I had never shown her how much she meant to me. I loved her more than any one else but pretended that I did not even care for her. She had cared for me ever since I was born and I had repaid her by being rude to her at the slightest opportunity. Of course, there were times when she was unfair too, like not letting me use her jewelry or not letting me in her room when her friends came over.

It would then be my job to play tricks on them and make their lives miserable until they left! My sister would then get back at me by one way or the other and she was always better at it. After all that is what sisterhood is all about. I always knew that I loved her more than I pretended I did, but I never knew what meaning she had for me until the day I realized she would go away from me. I decided to make her wedding day very special by letting her know that she was actually a part of me. I collected my pocket money for months to buy her a special present.

As her wedding day came close, my exams also approached so I had to take tuitions after school so the only time we met was at night. We would talk late till night daily, remembering things we had done in the past, laughing our heads off! She did not seem to me at all like a woman who was about to get married. In those few days, I became even closer to my sister and every night I would cry myself to sleep thinking about how much I would miss her but never said a word to her about it. Why? I fail to figure out even today.

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I woke up early morning on the day of her wedding when she was sleeping and before leaving for school-it was my last exam so I could not miss it-I looked at her and for the first time I noticed how beautiful she was. When I came back from school I found that she had already gone to the parlor with my mother. I saw my father sitting in the dining room, staring into space. I went up to him and when I looked at his wet eyes, I could no longer succumb to my feelings and started crying. We both cried quietly for the few minutes. Then I realized I had to buy a present for my sister, so I left with the driver.

I bought a beautiful bouquet of yellow flowers as it was her favourite colour, wth a card on top saying, “I love you sis” I went to different jewelry shops after that. Nothing seemed to be good enough for some one so special to me. I finally bout a beautiful gold brecelot . by the time I got back to the car, it was already dark. I took me an hour to get back home as there was a lot of thraffic that day. When I reached home, my maid told me that my family members ha left an hour ago as they had given time to the bridegroom’s family. I had to go with the driver.

I quickly slipped on my dress, wore my sandals, clutched my hair brush and make-up bag and rushed to the car to go to the wedding hall. Again, I was struck in the traffic. I brushed my hair and put on my mascara and lipstick. Tears flooded my eyes as I thought how awefull it would be if I would not be able to make it on time and my sister would leave. As soon as the car stopped I jumped out of the car, and ran inside the hall, with my hair brush in one hand and the bracelet in the other. My hair was all over my face and their were dark circles around my eyes as my mascara was not water proof.

People turned to look at me, but I did not care about anything but my sister. As soon as she saw me she got up. I went upto her sofa, and we hugged each other. We let go and I gave her the flowers and took her hand to tie the bracelet around her wrist.. I was avoiding looking at her eyes because I knew I wound not be able to control my tears. She raised my chin with her hands, and when our eyes met, we hugged each other again, this time crying . I knew there were no words in which I could put my love for her, and I felt that their was no need of them.


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