1. No. the narrative is excessively complex. The symbolism. analogues. and motives of the narrative can be interpreted otherwise from everyone who reads the narrative. Hawthorne will ne’er give you the option of a tidy moral because all of his narratives are excessively complex. 2. Goodman Brown is a immature. good adult male with a really common last name. His name is important in how he can be compared to every other immature. good adult male. 3. The wood is really dark and drab. with the gloomiest of trees that close the way after Brown walks through. It symbolizes evil and entrapment of oneself. Salem small town is nil like the forest ; it seems happy and peaceable. non all dark and dreary.

4. Goodman Brown goes into the wood to make what he needs. he tells himself that he will make the occupation and so return fleetly back to his religion. Faith his married woman and religion in his faith kept him back. 5. The pink threads symbolize faith his married woman and the mixture of wickedness and pureness. The threads appear throughout the full narrative. 6. Goodman Brown negotiations about how there could be Indians concealing behind every tree or how person could be watching him. which he so stumbles upon the traveller. The traveller is the Satan in camouflage. He tricks Goodman Brown to travel with him through the wood. The staff the traveller was utilizing bends into a serpent when the traveller is speaking to an old adult female. who appears to be a enchantress. about the Communion.


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