Physical Health
Get eight to ten hours of sleep each dark.
Eat alimentary repasts and imbibe eight cups of H2O each twenty-four hours. Prosecute in 30 or 60 proceedingss of physical activity every twenty-four hours.
Avoid the usage of baccy. intoxicant. and other drugs.
Personal Hygiene I. E coppice dentition and shower daily.

Mental and Emotional Health
Enjoy challenges that assist them turn.
Accept duty for their actions.
Have a sense of control over their lives.
Can show their emotions in appropriate ways.
Normally can cover with life’s emphasiss and defeats.
By and large have a positive mentality.
Make thoughtful and responsible determinations.

Social Health
Seeking and imparting support when needed.
Communicating clearly and listening to others.
Showing regard and attention for yourself and others.

The Health Continuum- your wellness and health are ever altering. The continuum spans the complete scope of wellness. from a loss of wellness and health at one terminal to high-ranking health at the other.

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Influences On Your Health
1. Heredity- all the traits that were biologically passed on to you from your parents. 2. Environment- the amount of your milieus. Including the physical topographic points in which you live and the people who make up your universe. The civilization you live in is a portion of your environment every bit good. 3. Physical environment- vicinity and school safety ; air and H2O quality ; handiness of Parkss. recreational installations. and libraries ; entree to medical attention. 4. Social environment- all the people around you including your household and equals ; can be positive function theoretical accounts or can increase your wellness hazards. 5. Culture- the corporate beliefs. imposts. and behaviours of a group. 6. Attitude- the manner you view state of affairss can hold a large consequence on your wellness. 7. Behavior- you have entire control over the determinations you make. 8. Media and technology- the assorted methods of pass oning information. The content is delivered via engineering. such as wireless. Television. and the Internet.

Hazard behaviors- actions that can potentially endanger your wellness or the wellness of others.

The Center of Disease Control-CDC has identified 6 hazard behaviours that account for most of the deceases and disablement among immature people under age 24: 1. Tobacco usage
2. Unhealthy dietetic behaviours
3. Inadequate physical activities
4. Alcohol and other drug usage
5. Sexual behaviours that might ensue in HIV. STD. or unplanned gestation
6. Behaviors that contribute to unwilled hurts and force


Abstinence- is a calculated determination to avoid bad behaviours including sexual activity and the usage of baccy. intoxicant. and other drugs. Lifestyle factors- the personal wonts or behaviours related to the manner a individual lives. Lifestyle factors that can better a person’s degree of wellness

1. Geting 8 hours of sleep each dark.
2. Get downing each twenty-four hours with a healthy breakfast
3. Eating a assortment of alimentary nutrients each twenty-four hours
4. Bing physically active for 30 to 60 proceedingss most yearss of the hebdomad
5. Keeping a healthy weight
6. Abstaining from smoking or utilizing baccy merchandises
7. Abstaining from the usage of intoxicant and other drugs.
Values- the thoughts. beliefs. and attitudes about what is of import that aid steer the manner you live. Goals- those things that you aim for that take planning and work. “A dream with a day of the month attached” Action Plan-a multistep scheme to place and accomplish your ends.


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