People are fired all over the world today for many reasons. Some of those reasons are out of the hands of the person, but many of the reasons that people get fired are in control of the person being fired. I will be covering a few of the most common reasons people get fired with hopes to stop further firings. The number one reason people are fired from their jobs is due to being absent or tardy repeatedly. In my experience as a store manager of a retail business, being absent or tardy not only shows lack of effort it shows lack of dedication to the job.

The saying time is money is not far off from the truth. When someone calls in sick or is late to their shift, customers, deadlines, and other employees affected by not having enough employees to get the job done in a timely fashion. These effects can also cost the company revenue that could have otherwise been generated by sales in retail businesses. The second reason people can be fired from a job is from poor performance. Performance in a person’s job is important to the company because it generates revenue for the company and also helps the company achieve their overall goal.

It costs a business hundreds of dollars in labor training a new employee and also a lot of energy. The business then wants results to compensate the dollars spent during the training process, which is why good performance of a employee is so important. I have had great performing employees and I have also had terrible performing employees. The great performing employees were not necessarily better than the lower performing employees; they just worked at learning their mistakes and practicing their job.

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Poor performers do not show effort on wanting to learn what needs fixed in order to do better, but continue to do mediocre to poor work. I had an employee one time who had worked for me for five years until he let his performance slip and continued to do poorly so I had to let him go because of his performance. It wasn’t because the employee was a bad person; he was just not performing to the standard that was needed for the business. I had seen the employee a few months later while getting a cup of coffee, and he said to me, “I look back at it now and realized that I could have tried a lot harder. Sadly, many people who have been fired for performance could have just tried harder and corrected their performance to keep their job. And lastly the number three reason people get fired is from lying. Most lying can start off as a small white lie and can quickly turn into a bigger one. A person can feel the need to lie because they may have been late to work or late on a task that was supposed to be done. Whatever the reason, it is not worth it to lie. I have had many employees get caught lying and the thing they lied about was such a small thing, that it was not really worth losing the respect or trust that they had.

Many jobs see that if a person lied once they will do it again because they cannot be trusted to work at the job any longer. In the end there are many ways a person can be fired, it could be from one of the three examples I gave or it could be for something else. The important thing is to learn from our mistakes and better the issues so we don’t have to lose our jobs. None of the three examples listed is above what any person is capable of doing and can easily be done to a person from being fired for the most common reasons.


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