All the news was terrible, and when Kathy saw the picture of the family of five she was ready to turn it off. She was sure they were gone, and she would obsess over this family for weeks, thinking about all their relatives gathering for the reunion, now forced to mourn the loss of so many at once – but then Kathy realized that the family was not lost. ” (Egger 49) CM: Kathy, a family oriented mother, could not stand the thought of a family with children being lost in a storm. This, along with the news that there was a very serious storm heading toward her and her family , seemed to make her very nervous.

I believe that part of the reason Kathy left New Orleans is because of what had happened to the family of five. “He [the preacher] chastised the congregation calmly at first, and then with increasing annoyance. Did they not love this church? Did they not appreciate the connection this church created with they lord Jesus Christ? He went on and on, shaming the congregants for their miserly ways. The lecture lasted twenty minutes. ” (Egger 63) CM: I thought this quote was very interesting. It shows the greed that some people have even in the most religious circumstances.

I feel that this also related to what happened to Citizen later in the book because it portrays how people abuse their power. “Something about that canoe intrigued him. It was well-made, undamaged, with a pair of wooden benches inside. It was about sixteen feet long, built for two people. It seemed to speak of exploration, of escape. ” (Egger 73) CM: Citizen, since he was a young boy, has always been curious. This curiosity ultimately lead to his downfall at Greyhound and Hunt. If he had listened to his wife and thought rationally about the consequences, his life would have a whole different meaning to him now. She’d never seen anything like it. The place had been bought out, the shelves nearly bare. It looked like the end of the world. ” (Egger 74) CM: This quote helped me imagine what is really must have been like. In my mind, I would have imagined it looking like the end of the world, but actually reading the words and imagery to the store made the situation seem so much more real that it had been to me. “He paddled around them and looked back to the house. No great damage to the exterior. Some shingles missing from the roof. The windows broken. A gutter that would need remounting.

Nothing too bad, three days’ work. ” (Egger 75) CM: Even after the storm, with all the damage that had been done, Citizen believes all will be fine within a few days. His attitude toward the destruction of this hometown seemed too calm. “But the fan boat did not stop. It swung around the canoe holding Citizen and Frank, not even slowing down, and continued down Collarbone. The men aboard the fan boat barely glanced at them. ” (Egger 101) CM: When I read this, I thought it was rather strange. Why would military officials see people that need help and go right by them as if they weren’t there?

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I would have Hough that’s the reason they would be there, to assist people in getting out safely. Later, I realized this part of the book was actually foreshadowing why the military was really there. “As she puts weight on the ladder, Citizen positioned his shoulders under it and pushed up. The motion was akin to a shoulder-press machine he’d once used at a gym. He straightened the legs, and as he did, the ladder rose from the water until he saw light breaking the surface, until he felt the air on his face and was finally able to exhale. (Egger 103) CM: Citizen is a very smart man willing to put himself in a life threatening situation or the benefit of others. Of all his rescues, I believe this one was the most dangerous. And, he does it all for people he will never again see in his life. I thought that was incredible. “When he saw it, Citizen laughed, amazed. There he was, with all four kids. Manmade was Just below the streetlight, Zachary was holding Gasify, and Citizen was holding Aisha. Madam, technophiles and deeply protective brother, was, in very real ways, watching over Citizen at all times. ” (Egger 150) CM: Family is a huge message in this book.

Not having any siblings, I thought that this was amazing. That Citizens brother, once he had the technology, had citizen and his family stand on a corner so he could simply see them. This kind of connection made me appreciate the meaning of family. “She [Kathy] went to the bathroom and for the first time in days looked at her face. There were blue rings around her eyes. She removed her hajji and took in a quick breath. Her hair. She had had no more than ten grey hairs before all of this. Now there was a stripe to white Nair rising trot near tottered, as wide as near hand. ” (Egger 183) CM: I feel this kind of situation was inevitable.

Given Kathy is a hardworking mother ND wife, she would never let herself not get stressed about her husband being in prison. Despite this, I thought it was very sad imagery that she had not looked in the mirror in days, and that she was almost shocked to see the grey streak. “Citizen was in disbelief. It had been a dizzying series of events – arrested at gunpoint in a home he owned, brought to an impromptu military base built inside a bus station, accused of terrorism, and locked in an outdoor cage. ” (Egger 218) CM: In a few simply sentences, I felt all that had happened to Citizen is portrayed in this quote.

It made me fell rather sad for him, that he was put in that type of situation for no reason. “Citizen told the guard that he and Nesses were Muslim and could not eat pork. The guard shrugged. ‘Then don’t eat it. ‘ Citizen and Nesses ate the crackers and cheese and gave the rest to Todd and Ronnie. ” (Egger 223) CM: After while, the guards started to get me angry because they treated these people like they were dogs. I would have to imagine that they would accommodate someone’s religion and allow them to have the same amount of food as everyone else. “He [Citizen] has caught Manager’s eye, and he knew what he was thinking.

They needed to pray, were urged to do so five times a day, but Nesses was nervous. WSDL this arouse more suspicion? WSDL they be mocked or even punished for worshipping? ” (Egger 223) CM: I thought it was sad that they actually had to think twice about praying. But this also shows the amount of prejudice toward them, and how dangerous it can be. “The guilt Citizen now felt was profound and growing. Kathy had been right. He should have not stayed in the city, and he certainly should not have stayed when she asked him, every day after the storm, to get out. I’m sorry, Kathy, he thought. (Egger 35) CM: Although it took him a long time, when I read this, I knew Citizen knew Kathy was completely right. It gave me hope that he wasn’t blaming anything or anyone, but certainly knew what he did was wrong. And I believe that he regretted staying. “The pilot’s voice came on the intercom. He announced that they were flying low over the city so the passengers could survey the damage. Kathy couldn’t look. ” (Egger CM: I believe Kathy didn’t want to look and was not able to look at the damage because she knows that, because of this damage, her family has been thrown into a word of chaos.

And also because of this storm, had been led to believe that her husband was gone, forever. “They starred at each other, smiling grimly. He looked like a sad old man. He was denim pants, a denim shirt, orange flip-flops. Prison clothes. They hung off him, two sizes too big. ” (Egger 289) CM: This scene made me very emotional. I couldn’t quite understand how the two of them had been so calm after all that they had been through, and for how long they have not seen each other. But then I put myself in Kathy shoes, and imagined how difficult it would have been, I probably would have done the same.


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